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Today, you will not surprise anyone with a modern air conditioning system installed in a home, which can cool and heat the air in the room to the desired temperature. Almost all modern climate control equipment has a self-diagnostic function that notifies the owner of possible equipment malfunctions.

In addition, in any home split system you can adjust the direction and strength of the air flow, and on the most «advanced» models, the dehumidification function and automatic selection of the most comfortable microclimate are installed. And as a rule, all control of this miracle of climate technology is carried out using wireless IR remote control, which regularly has the nasty property of getting lost, breaking, becoming a toy for kids and, worst of all, a dinner for our four-legged friends.

Buying a new one often becomes quite difficult, especially for outdated models of climate technology. In order to find them on sale, it takes a lot of time, and sometimes money, because the original control device split system can reach a cost of 5 thousand rubles.

The way out was invented by craftsmen from the Middle Kingdom, who invented and put into production inexpensive and sufficiently high-quality universal remote controls for the air conditioner.

The principle of operation of the device

Universal air conditioning control unit, externalno no different from the standard remote control DU. The case is made of plastic, the LCD display is usually located at the top of the console. Buttons, with standard functions split systemssigned in English. Such consoles are available in a variety of shapes, colors and modifications.

How does the remote work?A feature of universal remotes is a large number of preset infrared beam transmission frequencies, each corresponding to certain air conditioner models. Find out if the remote control device you have selected has your exact model split systemsYou can by reading the instructions for the product. The most inexpensive remote control for universal air conditioners includes about 1000 codes for the same number of climate control equipment from various manufacturers. A good remote control device, can work with more than 4 thousand models of air conditioners.

According to the manufacturer, QUNDA CT-9018E supports work with almost all models of Chinese, Korean and Japanese production, in manual and automatic mode.

Main functions

This device allows you to turn your climate equipment on and off, adjust and adjust the direction, temperature of cooling and heating of the air. In addition, almost any universal remote control for an air conditioner has the following options:

  1. HEAT — turns on the room heating function from 25FROM° up to 30FROM°.
  2. COOL — turns on automatic cooling of the home up to 18FROM°. Depending on the model split systems, given the temperature value may change.
  3. DRY — reduces the level of humidity in the refrigerated room by reducing the fan speed.
  4. FAN — allows you to set the fan speed.
  5. AUTO — turns on the mode of automatic maintenance of the temperature in the room.

When buying a remote control device for your split systemyou should be aware that there will not be functions such as submix atmospheric airsensor and etc. In general, there will not be exactly those options for which you paid extra money when buying an air conditioner. To select the most suitable model, you should seek advice from the service center specialists.

Customization for a specific model split systems

If your control device can only work in manual mode, then it will take no more than 2 hours to set it up. To learn how to set up a universal air conditioner remote control, first of all, followt tcarefully and thoroughly study the instructions, which are usually written in Chinese and English. If you are unlucky with knowledge of these languages, then follow the step-by-step instructions.

  • Insert batteries, since 99% of devices do not have them in the battery compartment. After turning on the remote control German the indication of the main operating modes of your split systems.
  • Find in the manual the code that means your model of climate technology, by pressing the SELECT button, enter her on the remote and press OK to confirm. Check the operation of the remote control.
  • If the code for your air conditioner model is not listed, try setting it in automatic mode.
  • To do this, press SELECT, the code starts flashing.
  • Point your device at split system and keep hitting SELECT as you cycle through the codes.

on the right code split system on one’s own «will respond«. Then press the OK or ENTER button to confirm. After this procedure, you can proceed to check the basic functions and buttons.


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