Today, you will not sur­prise any­one with a mod­ern air con­di­tion­ing sys­tem installed in a home, which can cool and heat the air in the room to the desired tem­per­a­ture. Almost all mod­ern cli­mate con­trol equip­ment has a self-diag­nos­tic func­tion that noti­fies the own­er of pos­si­ble equip­ment mal­func­tions.

In addi­tion, in any home split sys­tem you can adjust the direc­tion and strength of the air flow, and on the most “advanced” mod­els, the dehu­mid­i­fi­ca­tion func­tion and auto­mat­ic selec­tion of the most com­fort­able micro­cli­mate are installed. And as a rule, all con­trol of this mir­a­cle of cli­mate tech­nol­o­gy is car­ried out using wire­less IR remote con­trol, which reg­u­lar­ly has the nasty prop­er­ty of get­ting lost, break­ing, becom­ing a toy for kids and, worst of all, a din­ner for our four-legged friends.

Buy­ing a new one often becomes quite dif­fi­cult, espe­cial­ly for out­dat­ed mod­els of cli­mate tech­nol­o­gy. In order to find them on sale, it takes a lot of time, and some­times mon­ey, because the orig­i­nal con­trol device split sys­tem can reach a cost of 5 thou­sand rubles.

The way out was invent­ed by crafts­men from the Mid­dle King­dom, who invent­ed and put into pro­duc­tion inex­pen­sive and suf­fi­cient­ly high-qual­i­ty uni­ver­sal remote con­trols for the air con­di­tion­er.

The principle of operation of the device

Uni­ver­sal air con­di­tion­ing con­trol unit, exter­nalno no dif­fer­ent from the stan­dard remote con­trol DU. The case is made of plas­tic, the LCD dis­play is usu­al­ly locat­ed at the top of the con­sole. But­tons, with stan­dard func­tions split sys­temssigned in Eng­lish. Such con­soles are avail­able in a vari­ety of shapes, col­ors and mod­i­fi­ca­tions.

How does the remote work?A fea­ture of uni­ver­sal remotes is a large num­ber of pre­set infrared beam trans­mis­sion fre­quen­cies, each cor­re­spond­ing to cer­tain air con­di­tion­er mod­els. Find out if the remote con­trol device you have select­ed has your exact mod­el split sys­temsYou can by read­ing the instruc­tions for the prod­uct. The most inex­pen­sive remote con­trol for uni­ver­sal air con­di­tion­ers includes about 1000 codes for the same num­ber of cli­mate con­trol equip­ment from var­i­ous man­u­fac­tur­ers. A good remote con­trol device, can work with more than 4 thou­sand mod­els of air con­di­tion­ers.

Accord­ing to the man­u­fac­tur­er, QUNDA CT-9018E sup­ports work with almost all mod­els of Chi­nese, Kore­an and Japan­ese pro­duc­tion, in man­u­al and auto­mat­ic mode.

Main functions

This device allows you to turn your cli­mate equip­ment on and off, adjust and adjust the direc­tion, tem­per­a­ture of cool­ing and heat­ing of the air. In addi­tion, almost any uni­ver­sal remote con­trol for an air con­di­tion­er has the fol­low­ing options:

  1. HEAT — turns on the room heat­ing func­tion from 25FROM° up to 30FROM°.
  2. COOL — turns on auto­mat­ic cool­ing of the home up to 18FROM°. Depend­ing on the mod­el split sys­tems, giv­en the tem­per­a­ture val­ue may change.
  3. DRY — reduces the lev­el of humid­i­ty in the refrig­er­at­ed room by reduc­ing the fan speed.
  4. FAN — allows you to set the fan speed.
  5. AUTO — turns on the mode of auto­mat­ic main­te­nance of the tem­per­a­ture in the room.

When buy­ing a remote con­trol device for your split sys­temyou should be aware that there will not be func­tions such as sub­mix atmos­pher­ic airsen­sor and etc. In gen­er­al, there will not be exact­ly those options for which you paid extra mon­ey when buy­ing an air con­di­tion­er. To select the most suit­able mod­el, you should seek advice from the ser­vice cen­ter spe­cial­ists.

Customization for a specific model split systems

If your con­trol device can only work in man­u­al mode, then it will take no more than 2 hours to set it up. To learn how to set up a uni­ver­sal air con­di­tion­er remote con­trol, first of all, fol­lowt tcare­ful­ly and thor­ough­ly study the instruc­tions, which are usu­al­ly writ­ten in Chi­nese and Eng­lish. If you are unlucky with knowl­edge of these lan­guages, then fol­low the step-by-step instruc­tions.

  • Insert bat­ter­ies, since 99% of devices do not have them in the bat­tery com­part­ment. After turn­ing on the remote con­trol Ger­man the indi­ca­tion of the main oper­at­ing modes of your split sys­tems.
  • Find in the man­u­al the code that means your mod­el of cli­mate tech­nol­o­gy, by press­ing the SELECT but­ton, enter her on the remote and press OK to con­firm. Check the oper­a­tion of the remote con­trol.
  • If the code for your air con­di­tion­er mod­el is not list­ed, try set­ting it in auto­mat­ic mode.
  • To do this, press SELECT, the code starts flash­ing.
  • Point your device at split sys­tem and keep hit­ting SELECT as you cycle through the codes.

on the right code split sys­tem on one’s own “will respond”. Then press the OK or ENTER but­ton to con­firm. After this pro­ce­dure, you can pro­ceed to check the basic func­tions and but­tons.

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