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An air conditioner siphon is a device that is necessary to remove condensate directly into the sewer system. This device works on the principle of a water seal, passing liquid and air in only one direction. effectively copes with the task, without letting unpleasant odors into the home.


A water seal in such a drainage unit is formed by filling with water a jumper located in the lower part of the device and connecting two communicating vertical parts of the pipeline. There is always water in the siphon lintel, which does not allow odors from the sewer system to pass through.

Main types and design features

The classic siphon can be seen under every sink located in the kitchen of our apartment. It can certainly be used to drain the drainage water from the split system into the sewer, but the device is too bulky and takes up a lot of space. That is why many manufacturers of such devices have taken the path of reducing their dimensions, due to which the following types of devices have been developed:

  1. for air conditioner condensate, has a U-shape. The elbow connecting the inlet and outlet of this device plays the role of a water seal. The device is easy to install and maintain, but has several serious drawbacks: water in the knee can evaporate with irregular use of climate technology, and unpleasant odors can enter the room. The second drawback is that such a drainage unit takes up a lot of space. As a rule, it is installed in specially prepared wall niches, covered with decorative panels.U-trap
  2. Siphon with water trap and mechanical ball valve that prevents odors from the sewer system from entering the room. This type of fixture can be used both for external installation and for internal (built into the wall) location. The ball valve opens due to the pressure of the drain water on it. When the flow decreases, the valve closes the outlet to the sewerage system, preventing the movement of fecal water in the opposite direction.Siphon with ball valve

    A feature of such units is the presence of a cleaning-collector in their design. The ball valve prevents the movement of water and unpleasant odors.

  3. For concealed installation (installation into the wall), box models with a ball float valve as a locking mechanism are most often used. The ball valve pops up when condensate enters the device, allowing water to pass freely into the sewer.Box version of the siphon

When the circulation of water in the device stops, the float, under its own weight, blocks the drainage channel, creating a barrier to the penetration of odors from the sewer system. The float siphon for the air conditioner, with its small dimensions, completely replaces the standard U-shaped drainage device. The box-type drainage units have a replaceable cassette, which, if dirty, can be changed or cleaned independently. The cassette is made of transparent plastic, which makes it possible to control its degree of contamination.

Features of choice

To date The most popular models of ball siphons for air conditioners are products of the Austrian company Hutterer & Lechner. Of the variety of models present on the domestic market of climate technology, the siphon models HL136, HL138, HL21 have become especially in demand. The design features of these models, under certain operating conditions, allow the use of a self-cleaning function, which makes their maintenance as simple as possible.Siphon model for concealed installation

What you need to know before buying

  • Required outlet diameter.
  • throughput of the device.
  • Depth of the device (for flush-mounted models).



In connection with the considerable, in modern times, cost, from 1.5 to 2 thousand rubles. many owners of air conditioners are wondering: how to make a siphon for an air conditioner?

The experts of our company answer such questions unambiguously: It is quite difficult to make a device with a check valve without special equipment.

At home, you can make an ordinary U-shaped structure out of a plumbing pipe, but after some time of inactivity of your climate control equipment, the water from the knee of the water seal will evaporate and your apartment will be filled with “wonderful aromas” of the sewer. In addition, the drainage unit, which can be made from improvised means, will be quite bulky and difficulties will certainly arise during its installation.

Cheaper or homemade siphon analogues often cause an unpleasant odor to spread. You should not save on a siphon for an air conditioner. Against odor, you should choose devices with a mechanical ball valve.


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