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After installing a split system, moisture and air remain in the route through which the refrigerant circulates, which must be removed before the equipment is put into operation. The reason is that it interacts with these media, which can adversely affect the performance and efficiency of climate technology.

The refrigerant circuit should be as tight as possible, otherwise the split system will work at increased loads, the mechanisms will wear out quickly, so the resource will be exhausted prematurely. Foreign media and fine particles are removed by a pump.

This procedure is carried out by a technique or filled with freon. But some users prefer to do the work themselves. For them, the process will be described below, how to vacuum the air conditioner with your own hands.

Step-by-step instructions for self-vacuuming the air conditioner

Vacuum pump

If you want to vacuum the split system yourself, you will need the following equipment:

  1. Vacuum pump;
  2. manifold with digital or analog vacuum gauge or pressure gauge;
  3. valve key and screwdrivers;
  4. hose set;
  5. leak finder;
  6. heating element for heating the cylinder;
  7. Charger;
  8. valves for hoses and for the device;
  9. refrigerant collection station.

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[link_webnavoz]Vacuum pump[/link_webnavoz] creates a discharged pressure in the system, which lowers the boiling point of water. There are low vacuum models — at 0.1 mbar and high vacuum models — at 0.2 mbar. Each of them has its own limit of residual pressure, after passing it, the device no longer removes moisture. What kind of vacuum is needed for the air conditioner, you can find out from the attached instructions.
Having prepared the equipment, you can proceed directly to the procedure.

Switching split system and equipment

The manifold and pressure gauges are connected to the service ports of the outdoor unit using hoses. The third hose commutates the external valve of the air conditioner and the vacuum one. The pump turns on.

Switching split system and equipment

Removing air and moisture from the system

The vacuum pump also pumps out the moisture and air remaining in the system after installation. This can last from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the power of the device. The signal for the completion of the procedure will be the lowering of the arrow of the measuring device to a negative value, which means the residual pressure.

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In order for the process of removing foreign media from the freon route to be performed correctly, you should understand how to use a vacuum pump for an air conditioner. A yellow hose is connected to it — refueling. First, the low pressure valve opens, and only then the pump turns on. After completion, the valve on the manifold is first closed, after which the pump is turned off.

Vacuum pump and pump out moisture and air

Vacuumization results

If the values ​​on the measuring device do not change, the system is sealed. Otherwise, there is a leak, it needs to be found and fixed.

Causes of occurrence:

  • the tightening of the nut is either too strong or too weak;
  • one of the copper tubes is broken;
  • low quality rolling.

The easiest way to look for a defect is with a soapy solution; a leak detector will give more accurate results. After fixing the leak, you must perform the entire procedure from the beginning. After making sure that a vacuum is created, you can proceed to the next step.

Introducing refrigerant into the system

Introducing refrigerant into the system

To fill the system with freon, you need to disconnect the vacuum pump, connect the container, and open the taps with the key. A hiss will appear, which indicates that the circuit of the equipment is being filled with refrigerant. When the system is filled with a working medium, we can assume that the climate equipment is ready for operation.

First start

The equipment is disconnected from . The climatic equipment starts up and the device is tested in all modes. The data obtained must be compared with the specified parameters in the instructions.

If the values ​​are adequate, the sealing of the air conditioner is correct and the equipment can be operated. The procedure is simple, and if you have the necessary equipment, you can competently perform it yourself.


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