In the city, there is often neither time nor opportunity to admire nature. That is why many residents of megacities seek to purchase a country house — for recreation or even as a permanent home.

But choosing a beautiful and comfortable place, purchasing materials, and finally completing the construction of your home is only half the battle. It is necessary to make sure that it is pleasant, comfortable and safe to live in it at any time of the year. This largely depends on the ventilation that you install in your new home.

Modern standards put forward rather high requirements for environmental friendliness, energy efficiency and intelligence of climate systems to manufacturers of ventilation equipment.

European factory SALDA has been producing air handling units with heat recovery for quite a long time, always keeping up with modern standards. These units are equipped with thermal recuperators, which makes it possible to heat the cold supply air with the heat of the exhaust air. Thus, the heat is returned to the dwelling, and is not dissipated into the atmosphere without any benefit. If the heating by the «returned» heat is not enough for the comfort of the residents, a water or electric heater will come into operation.

In addition to recuperators, ventilation units from SALDA include high efficiency fans powered by EC motors. These fans are very quiet and consume much less electricity than fans with asynchronous motors.

You can control the ventilation unit SALDA using the remote control, which sets the air flow, desired temperature, fan speed. Another option is to trust the controller of the built-in automatic system. She takes control of the various parameters of the “weather in the house”. For example, intelligent electronics will ensure that the level of carbon dioxide does not exceed the norm, slow down or speed up the rotation of the fans depending on the situation, etc.


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