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Window air conditioner, despite some noise and obsolescence, is still a very popular climatic device in our country, and not only. In the USA, they have firmly occupied the niche of household climate control equipment, and to this day they win the rivalry with household split systems developed in Japan.


Design features and difference from conventional split systems

«Window» is a monoblock, i.e. and compressor and evaporator are in the same metal case. The main «front» panel consists of plastic on which the blinds directing air flows, as well as levers and control buttons are located. Inside are the evaporator, condenser and two fans.

In addition to them, the device contains a freon pipeline, a throttling device, an electronics unit, an air filter and the «heart» of the entire device — a compressor. Depending on the functionality of the window window, additional filters can be installed in it. Many experts argue that the arrangement of devices resembles the device of a conventional household refrigerator.

The power of the air conditioner varies from 1 to 8 kW, and this is enough to maintain a comfortable air temperature in a large room. These devices are quite unpretentious, cheap and easy to do maintenance.

Working principle and scope

The principle of operation of window-type air conditioners is no different from monoblock mobile air conditioners.

  1. okonnyy_konditsionerThe refrigerant after the condenser is in a liquid state.
  2. With the help of a compressor, it is additionally compressed and fed into a throttling device to increase the pressure.
  3. At room temperature and high pressure, the refrigerant enters the evaporator, where it boils and turns into a gas, while cold is released.
  4. This cold takes away the air flow, which is created by one of the fans.
  5. Gaseous freon passes through the filter element and enters the condenser, where again, at street temperature and atmospheric pressure, it turns into a liquid. Moving in a closed cycle, freon takes heat and releases cold to air currents, creating comfort in the room.

Contrary to the general opinion that the air conditioner creates cold, the principle of its operation is based precisely on the transfer of cold from the street to the room, even if it is +30 ° C outside. It follows that the main purpose of the «window» is not to create cold, but to create a comfortable microclimate in the room.

  • In addition to cooling the room on a hot summer day, this unit constructively reduces the humidity in the room. In some cases, this can be useful, and for rooms with dry air, it is worth considering arranging it with a humidifier.
  • Like most split systems, modern window air conditioners can not only cool, but also heat the air. They are called window monoblock air conditioners with cycle reversal function. This is a very useful feature in the off-season, when the central heating of the apartment is not yet working.
  • This type of climatic equipment is equipped with an air filter, which is designed to clean the air flow from mechanical impurities, dust, fluff, animal hair, hair, etc.

Installation is easy and simple

The name of the window monoblock, and in the common people «window» fully reflects the principle of its mounting — in the window opening, so when purchasing it, you need to pay attention to its size. The dimensions of window air conditioners should not be larger than the window opening at the intended installation site.

montaj_okonnogo_konditsioneraInitially, a place for installation is cut out in the window opening. After that, the case is installed in the prepared space, and after the case is installed and fixed, the air conditioner itself is mounted in it. The space between the window opening and the body of the device is carefully foamed.

Such climatic equipment, with the wrong size of window openings, can also be mounted in a thin wall. If the wall thickness is not more than 30 cm, then you can make an opening in it, according to the size of the air conditioner, and install the device. This is what many owners of small trading pavilions do.

Advantages and disadvantages of «windows»

Pros and cons of window air conditionersContrary to popular belief that this climate system is outdated and completely obsolete, and that it consists of only flaws, and the only advantage is the cold air emitted by it, is fundamentally wrong. The advantages of using them are not less than the disadvantages. Let’s start with the merits.

  1. These devices are quite powerful, household windows have a power of up to 8 kW, which is no less than that of a solid household split system.
  2. Window monoblocks are approximately 30-40% cheaper than a similar split system.
  3. They are easy to maintain, and therefore the price of the service is somewhat lower than for other types of air conditioners.
  4. Such climate technology is quite easy to install and practically does not take up space in the apartment.
  5. These monoblocks do not have connections in the freon line, so there is practically no leakage in such units.
  6. The service life and efficiency are much higher than that of split systems.
  7. Another undoubted advantage is the influx of really fresh air. Only expensive split systems have such a function.

Window conditioners differ in good maintainability. This fact can be attributed to the undoubted pluses.

But, like other types of climate technology, «windows» are not without drawbacks., Of which there are also many.

  1. This type of air conditioner is one of the noisiest, as the compressor is located in the same housing as the evaporator.
  2. Although this is a window type of climate technology, it is almost impossible to install it in stained-glass windows or metal-plastic windows.
  3. This technique significantly reduces the luminous flux from the window. In addition, it cannot be covered with curtains or curtains.
  4. One of the biggest disadvantages of using «windows» is that during its operation it is impossible to be near the device, since a cold cannot be avoided.

A window monoblock is not the most convenient option for air conditioning a home. But if you take a good look, then this type of climate technology has an optimal price-quality ratio. It can be used as a «mobile» air conditioner for summer residents. The choice is yours, the main thing is to take it seriously.


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