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Air conditioners can have a different device and, in addition to large appliances, you can find mobile equipment in the assortment of the store. Also, these devices are known as floor air conditioners. They do a good job of cooling the apartment and can be used in small offices or other public spaces where it is not possible to separately install a full-fledged climate system.


Mobile air conditioner with forced ventilation
Mobile air conditioner with forced ventilation

Air conditioning scheme

In terms of its features, a modern mobile air conditioner with forced ventilation resembles similar devices with separate modules. The main element of this design is also a heat exchanger with pipes through which the refrigerant moves. Such devices have two heat exchangers, and during operation, the compressor performs its function, creates a vacuum in one of them, as a result of this reaction, the freon boils, absorbs the incoming heat, and after that, high pressure is created in the other heat exchanger, which allows you to displace excess heat. Also, the system necessarily uses fans that pump air and drive it through the system to increase heat transfer.

Split systems of any kind use two modules, one is indoors and the other is outside, and it is possible to remove the noisy unit outside the apartment. This cannot be done with mobile devices — they have both blocks in the same case, where they are separated by a special partition.

Modern mobile air conditioner with supply ventilation
Modern mobile air conditioner with supply ventilation

To get rid of excess heat, a special pipe is used, which can be directed through a window, diverted to a ventilation system or a separate hole in the wall. This is a mandatory element that must be in the design; without it, an air conditioner of this type will not be able to perform its functions.

When the air conditioner is running, condensation forms. Split systems have special tubes that bring it outside. Mobile air conditioners with forced ventilation have a tray where condensate is collected and gradually removed. If it accumulates too much, then you will have to drain it manually, or make an additional drain.

Principle of operation

The floor unit performs three functions:

  • Creating an optimal microclimate is air conditioning, this is its main task.
  • Purification of air from dust with the help of special filters.
  • Dehumidification or heating of air, depending on the chosen mode.
mobile air conditioner
mobile air conditioner

The supply ventilation of a mobile air conditioner works quite simply, according to the exhaust principle, providing active air exchange. As for the cooling process itself, here, as in split systems, all the same components and coolant are used, due to which heat is removed. Mobile devices are convenient because they can be moved around the apartment — the device resembles a suitcase on wheels.

Among the disadvantages of these devices is that during operation they heat up and, since the unit is in the room, this may reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner. Although in high-quality models this problem is minimized.

Installation steps

Typically, manufacturers supply a mobile floor standing air conditioner with supply ventilation mode with instructions for assembly. No complex installation work is required, since the entire device is in one housing that will stand indoors. All that remains is to correctly assemble the parts, following the recommendations. More difficult may be the issue with the withdrawal of the ventilation pipe.

Arrangement of ventilation
Arrangement of ventilation

There are three options for arranging ventilation. You can bring the pipe out the window, prepare a special hole previously made in the wall in advance, or send it to the ventilation shaft. In addition, if you plan to use the air conditioner in several rooms, moving it from room to room in turn, then you should think about how to make a branch for the pipe in each of them, and where the equipment will be placed so that it does not interfere with anyone.

Each variant of the withdrawal device has its own characteristics:

  • The most practical is the ventilation shaft, but this is not always possible due to the location of the ventilation holes, since the length of the air pipe should not exceed two meters.
  • It’s not so easy with the outlet to the window, you can’t stick the pipe out the window and leave it, because this way the hot air will come back into the room, respectively, this will nullify the entire operation of the device. Therefore, it will be necessary to install a special impervious panel to which the pipe will be connected. In the non-working state, a plug is installed on the hole. Such a panel can usually be bought at the same store that sells air conditioners.
  • You can specially make a hole in the wall for this, organizing a branch for the pipe. This is convenient because you can place it almost anywhere. The cross-sectional area of ​​the hole must not be less than that of the duct. It is better to close the walls with a piece of pipe or PVC film.

When the outlet is ready for use, it remains only to assemble the air conditioner according to the instructions, remove all protective films and connect it. You can turn on the device only a few hours after assembly, and the device must be placed vertically. It is also worth reading the instructions carefully, since different models may have their own nuances that need to be taken into account so that the device can work properly.

One of the advantages of mobile air conditioners is that, unlike split systems, they do not require any permits to be installed. Therefore, anyone can afford such an acquisition. In addition, this is a great option for those who live in rented apartments — when moving, you can take the air conditioner with you.

Modern models

It is not difficult to choose a model of a mobile air conditioner (air intake from the street), because manufacturers produce a lot of such devices. You can stop at budget options from China or purchase European equipment. Japanese models are also known for their quality. Typically, these air conditioners can serve a room of 25-30 square meters.

Tip: The defining characteristic for air conditioners is their heating and cooling capacity, so this is what you need to pay attention to in the first place. It is also important to consider the noise level, since the device will work in an apartment. It’s good if it has a night mode that allows you to reduce the volume of sounds during operation.

Among the large number of manufacturers, we can distinguish several of the most popular and compare the models that they offer:

  • Samsung devices are well suited for medium and large rooms. They also provide air purification, due to the built-in filter, coated with a thin layer of silver. Model FH052EZM1C costs 56 thousand rubles.
  • Electrolux has a low noise level, so they can be chosen by those who care about silence in the house. You can purchase EACM-10 EW for 22 thousand rubles.
  • Ballu offers budget models, which, at the same time, are of quite acceptable quality. The BPAC-09CE air conditioner costs 18 thousand rubles.

Additional functions of air conditioners include the possibility of air dehumidification, fine cleaning, humidification, and the presence of a ventilation mode. Usually, most modern devices already have these options, but before buying, it is better to carefully review all the characteristics.


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