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With the advent of double-glazed windows and insulated windows made of PVC material, many owners are faced with the problem of condensation, which not only spoils the surrounding view, but also leads to mold on the profile itself. Many people remember that, according to the laws of physics, water droplets are formed when moist warm air hits a cold surface, and the greater the temperature difference, the greater the condensate. If a person is faced with such a problem, it must be solved as soon as possible.

Insulated balcony: «FOR» or «AGAINST»?

New insulation materials that can be found on the domestic market make it possible to well insulate your balcony or loggia, which is what many owners do. Few people think that any insulation always entails a deterioration in natural ventilation, so in this case, you should definitely think about creating such a system.

If the windows on the balcony are sweating, then it’s time to eliminate this negative factor. An ordinary open window is often not enough for a normal triple air exchange, so it is best to design a special supply ventilation.

The main problems of insulated balconies without ventilation:

  • Condensation on windows
  • The appearance of mold in the corners and joints of the ceiling, walls, floor
  • Musty smell in the room
  • Decreased performance of finishing materials
  • Deterioration of the appearance of the balcony

Today, each owner can solve this problem, because for this it is necessary to properly and competently organize the ventilation system. At first glance, everything seems simple, but in fact, this issue should be approached with all responsibility. In order for the ventilation on the balcony to be effective and efficient, it is necessary to clearly consider the entire structure, paying special attention to the area of ​​u200bu200bthe loggia (balcony), as well as the power of supply and exhaust fans.

Balcony ventilation scheme

Air circulation during supply ventilationMany of our compatriots are quite capable of designing such a system on their own, for which you should purchase two fans of the same power, and then install them on an insulated balcony.

It is important to remember that, according to the laws of physics, humid warm air tends to leave the room, moving to the upper part of the room. That is why the fan for air intake from the street should be correctly positioned below, and the exhaust fan — in the upper part of the loggia.

Thus, the system in the course of its work is guaranteed to take all the moist air, driving it diagonally. Such ventilation is the most efficient and effective.

To complete the ventilation system, you will need the following elements:

  • Dry air intake fan from outside to inside
  • Ventilator for extracting moist air to the outside
  • Fastening systems
  • electrical wiring

Negative effects of insufficient ventilation

It is interesting to note that many people are thinking about how to make ventilation on the balcony, since stuffiness, stale air, mold and fungus are not only unpleasant for people, but are also harmful conditions for living. Inhaling the spores of such bacteria, a person can begin to suffer from various respiratory diseases, have muscle weakness, feel unwell, and have a headache.

In addition, products and seamings that are traditionally stored on the loggia can also become moldy, which will lead to their deterioration and the formation of an unpleasant plaque on the banks. That is why only the presence of a constant air circulation will reliably correct the situation.

Photo: Condensation may form in the upper part of the roomMold most often forms in the upper part of the room, since moist warm air always rises and, if it does not find a way out, then settles on the ceiling and walls. If you make heating inside the loggia, but do not insulate it outside, then droplets of condensate may appear even on the walls, which will lead to peeling of the plaster and deterioration of the type of finishing materials.

The fact is that in this case the “dew point” will be located indoors, which will lead to such disastrous consequences. To prevent this from happening, it is also important to insulate your balcony both outside and inside, which will smooth out the difference in temperature of the materials.

Proper ventilation is a guarantee of a healthy indoor climate

If mold does appear, then it must be removed as soon as possible, since it tends to spread quickly. To do this, use special solutions to remove the fungus, carefully treating the wall or ceiling with a brush or roller.

As a result of such simple actions, the mold on the balcony can be easily removed, but you need to remember that this is only a consequence. The main thing is to permanently remove the cause of the appearance of the fungus — stale air. Fans do a great job with this, so they can and should be used.


Summing up, we can say with confidence that supply ventilation in an insulated loggia will be the most correct solution that will allow you to quickly and permanently remove condensate from windows, mold from walls and ceilings, and adjust the temperature and humidity levels. So you need not to be lazy, but to implement a competent air venting system, which will bring qualitative advantages in all respects.


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