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Installing an air conditioner implies a competent and responsible approach not only to the installation process itself, but also to the selection of components. The speed and quality of the work performed depends on the correct choice of consumables for air conditioners. The design of most split systems is unified, therefore, there are, the number of which depends on the parameters of the equipment being installed.


Standard mounting kit

Mounting kit for air conditioner installation

Includes the following materials:

  1. Pipes for refrigerant. Necessary for laying a route between the indoor and outdoor unit, through which the refrigerant will flow under high pressure. Usually copper or aluminum pipes are used with a diameter of 1/4¨ (from 700 rubles / m) or 3/8¨ (from 1100 rubles / m).
  2. Thermal insulation for pipes. It is a polymer tube (from 10 rubles / m), which is selected according to the diameter of the route and is necessary to protect it from exposure to sunlight.
  3. Electrical cables. They are used for equipment to the mains, as well as for connecting blocks of a split system. The cable cross section is selected depending on the power of the device (from 10 rubles / m).
  4. Plastic box or corrugated pipe. It is used to protect communications and electrical wiring.
  5. Brackets. Necessary for fixing the outdoor unit to the outer wall of the house. The parameters of the brackets are selected depending on its size and weight, but their thickness must be at least 2 mm, and their height must be at least 450 mm (from 250 rubles / piece).
  6. Bracket fasteners. Special dowels and anchors with a diameter of at least 12 mm are used (from 30 rubles / piece).
  7. Fixture of the external block. The outdoor unit of the air conditioner is attached to the brackets with 8mm bolts, washers and nuts (4 sets for each leg).
  8. Drainage tube. It is a flexible plastic hose with a diameter of 16 mm (from 20 rubles / m) for draining condensate into the street or into the sewer.

Additional Consumables

Installation of air conditioner

In some cases, in addition to the basic set, additional consumables for air conditioners may be required:

  • Mounting foam. It is necessary to seal the hole in the wall through which communications pass.
  • Cable ties, electrical tape, adhesive tape. They are used for tight connection of electrical cables and routes into a tight bundle.
  • Visor for the external block. As a rule, it is not included in the standard package, but it is often installed additionally to protect equipment from precipitation and wind.
  • Solder and cable lugs for wiring connections.
  • water pump to drain liquid.
  • Siphon to connect the drain pipe to the sewer.
  • Freon for refueling the air conditioner with an increased length of the route.


DIY installation

it is quite possible to perform with the help of a tool that is available in the home workshop. But for professional installation, a higher-class technique is required, which allows you to perform similar work faster and better.

To complete this task, you will need several types of tools:

  1. Measuring (roulette, level). The installation of blocks must be carried out with strict observance of the level and according to pre-prepared markings.
  2. Fixing (screwdrivers, wrenches, screwdriver). Selected based on the parameters of fasteners.
  3. Power tool (hammer drill, grinder). A puncher is needed to drill holes for anchors and a through hole for the track. A grinder or a grinder may be needed if it is necessary to remove part of the reinforcement at the place where the route is laid through a concrete wall.
  4. Optional equipment. It includes for draining the route before starting freon, an industrial vacuum cleaner for removing dust and debris from holes, as well as a tool for cutting and connecting pipeline parts.


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