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A modern apartment has a complete set of household and kitchen appliances, which greatly simplifies a person’s life, doing most of the operations for him. Now you can practically do laundry without taking part in this process, cook dinner for the whole family, helping the technician with some operations. Thanks to the media and the Internet, most people have learned that there is a miracle device in the world that makes the air in your home healthier by increasing humidity and cleaning it from impurities and pathogenic microbes.


The only thing left is to buy a humidifier and become completely healthy. But that’s bad luck, electronics stores offer about a dozen models at the same time. How not to get confused in the names, manufacturers and types of these devices. Humidifier: which one is better? How to determine if even a trained sales assistant of a serious household appliance store found it difficult to answer.


For the convenience of potential buyers, we have compiled a rating of air humidifiers of the most popular brands. Having familiarized yourself with some models, their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, you, based on the numbers presented and the opinion of experts, can easily choose the best device, in your opinion and the size of your wallet.

Now I would like to remind you in which cases this device is simply necessary, and should be included in the list of priority purchases:

  • You are preparing for the arrival of a child and the humidity in your home is less than 50%
  • You and your household began to experience symptoms of drying up of the mucous membrane of the eyes, nose and throat.
  • You don’t have indoor plants in your house.

Models, companies are presented to your attention: polaris; vitek; boneco; philips. According to the majority of buyers of several online stores and electronics hypermarkets, these brands are the most purchased.

If you need not only a humidifier, but also a purifier or dehumidifier, we recommend that you look at the rating of climate complexes from 4 manufacturers, which was compiled by our experts.

Manufacturer Polaris

Humidifiers Polaris: PUH 3504 - PUH 0407o - PUH 2005Di

  • Humidifier Polaris PUH 3504 is one of the most inexpensive representatives of this family of climate technology. It is designed to create a favorable microclimate in residential premises and offices, up to 24 square meters, and has a power of 30W. Polaris PUH 3504 has a ceramic filter and low water level indication. In addition, it can work in two modes: weak, ideal for a night’s sleep, and powerful, for cases when you need to quickly increase the level of humidity in your home. This device has a fairly impressive, 4 liters. capacity for water, in which it can operate continuously up to 12 hours.

    For all its ease of operation and maintenance, it does not have a smooth adjustment of the humidification rate, and the area of ​​u200bu200bthe room declared by the manufacturer for its operation of 24 square meters is difficult for him. In addition, it does not turn off on its own when the water level drops below the permissible norm. When buying, you should pay attention to the absence of a hygrometer in it.

    Its retail price varies from $25 to $50

  • Polaris PUH 0407o — this is more serious equipment, which is designed for humidification and ozonation of rooms up to 30 sq.m. Polaris PUH 0407o has a power of 35 W, and according to customer reviews, it easily copes with the task. It is equipped with 7 liters. capacity of water supply and can work without topping up up to 25 hours.

    As options, it has an electronic remote control, a display, a built-in timer and an ozonator, there is an indication of the low water level and fan speed control. However, as in the previous model, there is no built-in hygrometer and automatic humidity maintenance. Many users of this model complain about the increased noise level and the appearance, after its operation, of a white mineral coating on pieces of furniture.

    The cost of this device in some stores in the country is from 70 USD to 120 USD.

  • Polaris PUH 2005 Di. One of the representatives of the serious equipment of this brand. Designed for really large areas and has a power of 140W. It is equipped with an air control function, a built-in hygrometer and automation that allows the device to work within the specified humidity values. In addition, this device has an ozonator, a built-in thermometer, remote control and an LCD display. Also, this model has a 5 liter water reserve capacity, which makes it possible to work in automatic mode for more than 12 hours.200 5Di_JK_display

  • Based on most reviews, this device really copes with the tasks, only at the maximum mode near the device, condensation can accumulate on the surface.

    The cost of this technique varies from 85 USD. up to 100 USD


When voting, the majority of users chose the Polaris PUH 2005Di humidifier from the middle price category.

Equipment brand Vitek

Manufacturer Vitek provided with three models: SB-737, SB-777 and VT-1766

  • The VITEK SB-737 humidifier is the simplest and most inexpensive ultrasonic device that can serve living rooms up to 40 sq.m. The VITEK SB-737 has a large 6 liter tank designed for long working hours. Its power is 45 watts. This humidifier is equipped with a manual control of evaporation intensity and 7 colors of illumination, so it can be used as a night light.

    But this device really lacks a built-in thermometer and hygrometer, as well as automation for independent work. In addition, VITEK SB-737 is quite demanding on water. For the absence of whitish salt deposits, it must be filled with distilled water.

    Its cost varies from $50 to $70.

  • VITEK SB-777 is an ultrasonic air humidifier designed to work in living rooms and offices up to 45 sq.m. It has a stylish design and an installed air filter. In addition, it is equipped with a hygrometer, an air ionizer and an electronic display, and a 6 liter tank allows it to work without refueling up to 17 hours.

    Of the options, the device is equipped with a 7-level backlight, which can serve as a night light. As advantages, its low noise level stands out, and the disadvantage is a very inconvenient container for filling water. For this process, the device should be turned upside down and pour water on weight, which is completely inconvenient.

    The price in different stores varies from $70 to $85.

  • VITEK VT-1766 is one of the most expensive 140W climate devices of this brand. This power is enough to humidify a living room up to 50 sq.m. The device is equipped with: built-in hygrostat and thermometer, functions of ionization and preheating of water to produce «hot» steam, the ability to automatically operate in a given range of humidity, the function of smooth adjustment of the intensity of evaporation. As additional options, VITEK VT-1766 implements: LCD display, which displays all climatic data, a timer. The device is equipped with a remote control.

    Remote control allows you to easily switch modes without getting up from the couchAll reviews are categorical: This device can really work for more than 12 hours without refueling, but it lacks power for a room of 50 square meters. In addition, most users complain about its leakage after some time of operation and a high level of noise. Also, the majority of people did not like the LCD display, as it shines very brightly and interferes during a night’s sleep.


It was unanimously decided to recognize the VITEK SB-777 model as the best humidifier for the home of this brand.

Boneco brand

  • The Boneco Air-O-Swiss U7146 humidifier is probably the smallest and most inexpensive ultrasonic device, with a power of 15 W, which is designed to humidify living rooms up to 20 sq.m. This “baby” weighs only 300 grams, but, like the “adult” models, it has an evaporation intensity adjustment and a low water level indication. Its small size allows you to take it with you on the road, as it takes up no more space than a camera. Such dimensions are due to the lack of a water tank. You can insert a regular half-liter bottle of clean water into the device.

    The Air-O-Swiss U7146 humidifier can be chosen for any moodThe main advantages of BonecoAir-O-Swiss U7146 are compactness and ease of operation. But there are also disadvantages: most users claim that the power of this «animal» is enough for a room, a maximum of 15 sq.m. In addition, many are unhappy with the fact that they have to top up the bottle 3 times a day.

    The price of the device in various stores in the country is 70 USD.

  • Boneco Air-O-Swiss 7135 is already a serious equipment designed for humidification in living rooms and offices up to 60 sq.m. The device has a stylish design and an installed demineralizing cartridge. In addition, it is equipped with a hygrometer and a water preheating function, and a 6.5 liter tank will allow it to work without refueling for about 20 hours.

    Its main advantages include a low noise level of 25 dB, and high performance of the device, 130 watts. In addition, the demineralizing cartridge allows the device to function without leaving moisture, salt solution after evaporation, even on tap water. No defects were found in the device.

    The cost of the device ranges from 130 USD to 160 USD.

Models Boneco Air-O-Swiss 7135 and 1355N

  • BonecoAir-O-Swiss 1355N effectively cleans and creates a favorable microclimate in a sufficiently large room in a natural way, and has a power of 20 watts. Of the possibilities, this device has a fan speed control. In addition, a fairly capacious 7 liter water tank justifies the long-term operation of the device.

    Of the advantages, we can distinguish: real moistening of the declared area, low energy consumption and ease of operation.

    Of the shortcomings, 100% of users noted the inadequately high price of this device, which is about 250 USD in the country.


Most of those who want to buy a humidifier for their living space agreed on the choice of the BonecoAir-O-Swiss 7135 model, which has an ideal ratio of price and functionality.

Devices from Philips

  • The Philips HU 4801 humidifier is one of the simplest and most inexpensive humidifiers from the entire range of this brand’s climate technology. The device has a small tank of 2 liters, but it lasts up to 8 hours of continuous operation. The power of the model is sufficient to humidify 25 sq.m. of the room.Philips HU 4801 can be used in a children's room

    This device is distinguished by simplicity, low price and the ability to manually control the evaporation of water. The disadvantages include the lack of a built-in hygrometer and automation, which would allow the device to operate within the specified humidity ranges.

    According to user reviews, Philips HU 4801 is a simple and reliable device. The price in some retail stores for this device varies from $70 to $90

  • Philips HU 4803 is an ultrasonic device that practically does not differ from the previous model, except for design and some features. The device is equipped with a display with the modes of operation displayed on it. In «night mode», the brightness of the LCD is significantly reduced. The noise level is small 25 dB, and in the night mode is almost inaudible. The device is equipped with electronic control, timer and indication of low water level.

    The device fully copes with the task assigned to it, only the absence of a built-in hygrostat upsets. The price of the climate system is between 100 and 120 USD.

  • Philips AC4080 with a power of 60 W is able to effectively purify and humidify the air in fairly large rooms up to 30 square meters, in a natural way. The model has a stylish design that will suit any interior, a 3-liter tank allows you to work up to 8 hours without refueling. A feature of the device is the presence of several air filters in it: coal, HEPA — fine cleaning, a water filter and a filter element for preliminary air purification from mechanical impurities. The device can effectively deal with unpleasant odors, including the smell of tobacco, household dust, and the HEPA filter retains more than 99% of all airborne contaminants.

    Philips AC4080 elegant design fits the business officeAs options there are: electronic control, timer, indication of low water level, indication of dirty filters and 4 range airflow adjustment.

    With this device, all users noted one significant drawback: its high cost, which is more than 300 USD.

Conclusion: Of the presented climate devices manufactured under the Philips brand, the Philips HU 4803 humidifier from the middle price category aroused the greatest sympathy.

To deal with the question of which company is the best humidifier, more than 200 people who use this technique were interviewed. In terms of price-quality-reliability-user reviews, BonecoAir-O-Swiss 7135 was recognized as the best humidifier, which, out of more than 200 reviews, had negative, less than 1%.


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