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In the huge rhythm of modern life, an increasing number of people decide to move to live in the countryside, away from traffic jams and polluted air and closer to nature. And the houses being built outside the city no longer look like cottages with a minimum level of comfort and «conveniences in the yard.» Modern houses initially assume comfortable living conditions, of which air conditioning has become an integral part. [contents]

What is an air conditioning system for?

The air conditioning system for the home solves many problems, without which there can be no talk of normal living conditions with a good level of comfort.

  • Humidify or dehumidify the air.
  • Maintain a certain temperature in the house.
  • Purify the air that is supplied to our homes.
  • Maintain air circulation and air exchange.

Most people, having decided to build their country house, think about its ventilation and air conditioning system at the project stage. And this is right, since it is possible during construction to implement just such an air conditioning system that would meet all the requirements of the owner. But there are people who for some reason forget about it or simply do not think about it. But after putting the house into operation, they understand that air conditioning of residential premises is simply necessary. What to do in such a situation: is it mono to do with improvised means to cool the room or which air conditioning system to choose for a private house?

Installation of the simplest split system

The simplest and, accordingly, the cheapest option for air conditioning a private house is the installation of a split system. There are a lot of them from different manufacturers. Their price depends on several factors:

  • Brand fame. The more famous the brand of this device, the correspondingly it is more expensive. market law.
  • Producing country. In recent years, a strange pattern has been observed: the farther the manufacturer is from China, the more expensive the equipment. Although there are many worthy well-known Chinese brands that have shown themselves perfectly in terms of work, workmanship and maintainability.

But in fact, there is a clear division of climate technology into elite and budget. Among them, there is a category of air conditioners, designed for the average capacity of the owner’s wallet.

  1. Elite split systems. This is a high-quality air conditioning equipment, equipped with all possible functions. With proper installation and good service support, it will serve you for more than 10 years.
  2. The middle level is, as a rule, a good technique that does not yet have a “big name” and does not have all the functions of an elite category, but has proven itself to be reliable.
  3. Budget split systems. The most affordable climate systems, which, as a rule, have only basic functions, cooling — air heating. When choosing such equipment, pay attention to the manufacturer’s warranty obligations, and to the availability of its service centers in your region.

An example of how to arrange heat exchangers without disturbing the appearanceImportant! When choosing even the most elite model of an air conditioner, remember that in order to create comfort in your home, such equipment must be installed in every room. The abundance of external modules of devices can greatly «spoil» the appearance of the facade of your house.

Installation of multi split systems

This split air conditioning system for the home requires one outdoor unit and up to four indoor devices connected to it. It will not spoil the facade of your house with a large amount of equipment on it. The whole system looks like this: from each internal module, there is its own refrigerant line, which is connected to the external module. And it is very convenient for a small house, cottage or cottage. Home improvement with a multi-zone split system There is another, very similar air conditioning system in the house, which is called multi-zone. It is designed for installation in cottages with the «American» type of layout. The first floor is one large room, conditionally divided by furniture into different zones. The second floor is separate rooms, bedrooms, an office, etc. Its device assumes the presence of one module and up to seven devices connected to it. In multizone devices, there is one common line with refrigerant, from which there are branches to separate indoor units. They can be of various designs, depending on the purpose of the premises: both wall and floor, and channel or cassette. The installation is controlled both centrally and individually in each room. Benefits of using multizone devices

  1. The main advantage of such a system is the ability to «push» the external and internal units of the air conditioner to a considerable distance, more than 100 meters along the perimeter and 50 meters in height.
  2. «Multizonality» makes it possible to connect all internal devices to a single freon circulation line.
  3. Allows precise control of the air temperature in each room with an installed indoor unit.

In addition, its advantages include high reliability due to the possibility of interchangeability of elements within the circuit. Industrial grade multi-zone systemTo date, intelligent refrigerant control systems have been developed, the so-called VRV technologies, which are built into each module and control the supply of freon depending on the heat transfer of the room. In addition, the presence of these control units allows you to adjust yourself, that is, at your discretion.

ducted air conditioner

Another way to equip the air conditioning system of a private house is to install ducted air conditioners. This equipment will allow you to fully control the humidity, temperature and air quality in your home. You can read more about duct-type air conditioning in this article. Main components:

  • An external, compressor unit, which very externally resembles a conventional split system module.
  • An internal device that is much larger and more efficient than a standard air conditioner.
  • Diffusers and grilles through which air will be taken from the outside and supplied to each room.

Typically, ducted air conditioners work on the principle of mixing in a small part of the outside air, and therefore have natural restrictions on heating the air flow. Very often, as additional devices to them, a heater is used to enable full heating of the air. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J42UR8UeKRc

In addition, a heat exchanger can be installed as a “help” to the duct air conditioner.

Benefits of using a duct type air conditioner

All the advantages are visible to the naked eye, the main of which is the possibility of air conditioning large houses with many rooms. In addition, there is also a decorative component. All equipment and air ducts are hidden behind the trim. There is another indisputable advantage of using a ducted air conditioner: thanks to this equipment, you can design a system that meets all the requirements of users.A separate air duct to each room - this is the beauty of the channel air conditioner

The disadvantages of such an air conditioning system

The main disadvantage is the high cost of the equipment itself and components. The smaller the serviced premises, the longer such a device will pay off. In addition, with such a system, it is impossible to adjust the ambient temperature in each room; it is not without reason that it is called the central air conditioning of a private house. Also, the installation of devices and air ducts is very expensive, which, by the way, are quite noisy.

What to consider when calculating

The air conditioning system is an engineering structure that requires accurate calculations of the required power of the equipment. When making calculations, many factors must be taken into account:

  • The volume of rooms. Many for their calculations are guided by the area of ​​u200bu200bthe premises — this is wrong.
  • Number of window openings.
  • North-south orientation.
  • The number of people who are most often in the room.
  • The area and amount of equipment that can generate heat.

An air conditioner is a rather serious piece of equipment. Its effectiveness depends on how competently the air conditioner is selected, how well the installation is carried out and how its further maintenance will be.


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