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Until recently, the fan in the apartment was the main source of coolness in the summer heat. Now, in the era of domination of modern climate technology in our homes, the fan has become a kind of anachronism, a relic for many of our compatriots. Although it is worth noting that this device is still quite popular because of its low cost, unpretentiousness and undemanding installation.


But the manufacturers of this “miracle”, the beginning of the 20th century, are always trying to keep up with the times and already at the end of the last century they pleased with rotary fans, which take up much less space. After that, fans began to be equipped with remote controls, and at the beginning of this century, many of our compatriots were shocked by the innovative bladeless fan. The next step was taken less than a decade ago with the invention of the humidifying fan. Fans with a humidifier for the home will be the topic of our review.

Traditional Fans with Mirkli Humidifier

Design and principle of operation

Externally, the fan has not changed much. In the base of the device there is a hidden ultrasonic humidifier with a removable water tank. Water vapor is fed through a hose to the central part of the protective grid, where it is picked up by the air flow. Thanks to the jet of humidified air, you can slightly lower the air temperature, as well as increase the level of humidity in the room.

As a rule, floor fans with a humidifier have three modes of operation:

  • without moisture;
  • with humidifier manual control;
  • with humidifier automatic switching on by command of the built-in hygrometer.

Most models have several blowing speeds and an indication system that informs the owner about the operation in a particular mode, the amount of water in the tank, the time to replace the water filter, etc. A very interesting solution is the presence of a presence sensor and a timer, thanks to which the unit will not work in empty room, simply «eating» electricity. In addition, there are models with backlight, clocks and other nonsense, which attracts most customers with their design and increases the cost of the device by more than 30%.
Today, in the domestic market of climate technology there are models with a capacity of 30 to 150 watts. For cooling and humidifying a room within 20 m2 80-100 W of device power is enough, of which 50-55 W is the power of the fan and 30-45 W is the power of the humidifier.

Advantages and disadvantages of such devices

A fan with a humidifier is a rather interesting device that has a lot of positive qualities:

  • Soft decrease in temperature indoors with maintenance of the set level of humidity of air.
  • Light weight. Almost all floor installations of this type are equipped with wheels for ease of movement.
  • Ease of installation.
  • The possibility of using both indoors and outdoors to create a comfortable microclimate in summer areas, cafes, etc.
  • Possibility of application in greenhouses and greenhouses.
  • Relatively low cost.

The main disadvantage of this device is the low cooling efficiency of the room. The coolness is really felt, but only being in the air flow. Moisture enters the skin, and when exposed to air flow, it evaporates, lowering the surface temperature of the body. The thermometer also reacts quite adequately, showing a decrease in temperature by 1°C in a few hours of operation.

Our words were fully confirmed by experts: to lower the temperature indicators, it is necessary to raise the humidity in the room to almost 100%, and this inevitably leads to the appearance of condensate. The conclusion is this: the device is interesting and in some cases even useful. The cost of the device varies from 2.5 to 10 thousand rubles.

Overview of the most popular models of humidifying fans

Despite some of the shortcomings described above, devices of this type are quite popular among our compatriots. The review will involve three models that Internet users are most often interested in.


Lazer fm 1616rFloor fan with humidifier lazer fm 1616r is one of the many household appliances produced by Chinese experts. The manufacturer’s declared power of the device is 100 watts. The ultrasonic humidifier is installed at the bottom of the stand, which is equipped with wheels for easy movement.

In the niche of the humidifier there is a removable water tank with a volume of 3 liters. This is enough to maintain the optimum level of air humidity for several hours. Installation capacity 60 m3/h, blade diameter 40 cm. There are three blowing speeds. The unit is equipped with a swivel function, height and angle adjustment of the fan. For ease of use, the lazer fan with a humidifier is equipped with a remote control.

The disadvantages of this device include rather poor functionality and a high noise level of 61 dB. The average cost in Moscow is 5.5 thousand rubles.


Aurora au 073 The aurora au 073 humidifier fan is a fairly popular device among domestic manufacturers. According to its technical characteristics, it practically does not differ from the above model. Installation power 85 watts. (of which 50 are for the fan and 35 for the humidifier). Height 125 mm. The device is equipped with 3 blowing speeds. An ultrasonic humidifier is located at the bottom of the stand. Removable water tank with a capacity of 3 liters.

The functionality of the device includes auto-rotate 90°, tilt and airflow adjustment. As a nice bonus, the device has a timer for 7.5 hours and the ability to control using the remote control.

Disadvantages: no removable water tank, poor functionality. The cost in Moscow is 45 USD.

We create with our own hands

As mentioned earlier, the humidifier fan is quite an interesting invention: mostly interesting for making it yourself. For manufacturing, you need a fan (working); embroidery hoop with a diameter of ¾ of the diameter of the fan blades; Terry towel; 4 clothespins (preferably plastic). So:

  • We fix the towel in the hoop.
  • We fasten the hoop with clothespins in the center of the fan protection so that the free end of the towel is at the bottom of the fan.
  • We lower the free end of the towel into a container of water.

The principle of operation of the device is simple: the towel gets wet, under the influence of the air flow, moisture evaporates from the surface of the fabric into the surrounding air. In addition, during evaporation, the surface of the fabric is cooled and lowers the temperature of the air flow.

If you are interested in cooling and humidifying the air in the room, it is best to pay attention to the air conditioner with a humidification function.

Traditional Fans with Mirkli Humidifier


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