Heat guns are an excellent solution for those who want the cold to remain only outside. These devices effectively warm up the selected space, take up very little space, and the prices for most models are quite democratic.

Where might a heat gun be appropriate? Almost everywhere. It will help to warm up in an apartment, house or office space, where for some reason the heating does not work. Garages, pavilion car workshops and warehouses, as a rule, are not connected to the central heating system, so a heat gun will become an indispensable assistant here as well. Does your cafe have an outdoor terrace? Install a heat gun — it will be much more comfortable for visitors to come here even in cool weather.

There are many types of heat guns. In most of them, the coolant is air, although there are also water heat guns that use hot water circulating in central heating batteries.

For the operation of the gun, various energy sources are used — electricity, gas, diesel fuel, waste oil. The most popular heat guns run on electricity. They will help to quickly heat up a small room and do not degrade air quality during operation, unlike diesel and gas guns. At the same time, the latter are considered much cheaper to operate, and can also help out where there is no connection to the electrical network. Waste oil heat guns are similar to diesel ones. These are a favorite of auto repair shops, where such oil tends to be left in large quantities.

We should also talk about infrared heat guns. They are notable for the fact that they do not heat the air, but the objects in the room and the surface of the walls. The air, in turn, receives heat already from them, and not from the heater itself.

The capacity of the heating unit depends on the volume of the room. Remember that it is better to heat spacious rooms not with one powerful cannon, but with several less powerful cannons located in different places.


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