About explosion-proof fans

For the efficient operation of plants, factories and manufacturing enterprises and maintaining sanitary working conditions, it is recommended to install explosion-proof duct fans – specialized ventilation equipment with a reinforced body.

Explosion-proof fans are a specific type of industrial ventilation devices. Their distinguishing feature lies in the design of the body and protective grille, covered with a special powder coating, which eliminates any possibility of friction sparks and static current.

The fan monoblock can be mounted both on the wall and on the roof — depending on the model. Fans of this type are assembled with an explosion-proof asynchronous motor with a squirrel-cage rotor and sealed bearings. Such a device significantly increases the operational life.

According to the type of blades are distinguished:

  • radial explosion-proof andwhether centrifugal fan;
  • axial explosion-proof — the blades rotate around their axis;
  • tangential or diametral fan.


ATexplosion-proof axial and other types of devices in this segment are used in air cleaning systems of the industrial sector. According to the regulations, gas processing, chemical and petrochemical enterprises, as well as other industries that work with explosive mixtures, are required to install only explosion-proof fans.

Selection Guide

To choose explosion-proof fan, should be considered:

  • data on the composition of the air in the working room,
  • volume of transported gases;
  • building design features
  • temperature in the building;
  • noise level requirements.

Also, the choice depends on the required power, type of duct (rectangular, round, square), rotational speed and weight of the device. A lot depends on the environment in which it will be located. Especially for rooms with high humidity, models with an anti-corrosion coating have been developed.

According to the temperature regime, they distinguish:

  • standard explosion-proof fans — able to withstand temperatures up to 800°C and dust concentrations up to 100 mg/m3;
  • theat-resistant devices — withstand air temperatures up to 2,000 ° C;
  • inventilation equipment for smoke removal — can withstand temperatures up to 4,000 ° C, in the event of a fire, they can withstand up to 6,000 ° C for a short time.

Supplier selection

RealVent works directly with manufacturers of ventilation equipment, so its cost is relatively low. Price explosion-proof fan depends on the performance its power, potential life and air exchange capabilities. At the same time, all models from the RealVent catalog are distinguished by the high quality of the housing and the warranty period for effective operation.

Call 8 (495) 589-34-74 or leave a request for a call back: our experts will help you understand the characteristics, parameters, differences between similar models from different manufacturers. Ccentrifugal explosion-proof, channel or radial infans from the RealVent company completely correspond to the declared quality requirements of the international standard.


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