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How to humidify a room without a humidifier? Our «Kulibins» from «homemade» solved this problem by several methods at once, without spending a lot of money. Several, especially simple and interesting ways, we would like to offer you for review.

Increasing the level of humidity in a room without the use of climate technology is actually very possible, the main thing is to be smart.

Simple options for humidifying the air in your home

  • The simplest humidifier: hang a wet towel on the battery. The battery heats the fabric and the moisture evaporates.

Advantages are obvious

It does not require electricity, and does not require anything at all, except for a piece of cloth or a towel.

The disadvantages are also huge.

humidifies the room directly near the place of evaporation of moisture, requires constant «recharging» and very little efficiency of this method.

Regular terry towel ideally accumulates moisture
Regular terry towel ideally accumulates moisture
  • Complicated option. A towel with one end should be lowered into a basin of water, and the other end should be hung on the battery. The water will soak the fabric and gradually evaporate on the battery.

Advantages are obvious

Automated humidifier that does not require investment.

Disadvantages of the method

The low efficiency of the method, although automation through a basin of water increases the level of humidity near the battery quite noticeably.

If such solutions seem to you not aesthetic and not effective, then you can always familiarize yourself with or.

Humidifiers from PET bottles

A plastic water bottle is a «gift of the gods for homemade ones.» Almost everything is made from it — from dishes and interior decorations, to roofing material and fabric substitute at high fashion exhibitions. Making a do-it-yourself humidifier from a PET bottle turned out to be a matter of two minutes for a home craftsman with a high level of ingenuity.

  • Option 1. On the side of the PET bottle, along and in the center, a cut is made, 10-12 cm long. It should be hung under a horizontal section of a straight pipe leading to the battery, cut upwards, on two wires. The distance can be from 10 to 20 cm.

    Materials for making a humidifier from a plastic bottle
    Materials for making a humidifier from a plastic bottle

    Pour water into the incision and lower the edge of the gauze strip, 10 cm wide and about 1 meter long. Screw the rest of the strip onto the heating pipe. The advantages of such a «climatic device» are in the ease of manufacture and some automation of the process. The disadvantages are the same as in the battery-towel method.

  • Option 2. You should take a large PET bottle, about 10 liters, and cut the neck so that a hole is formed on which you can attach the cooler. It is best to use a fan from a computer power supply, as it has a lot of power.

    In the bottle, around the perimeter, at a height of 10 cm from the top, make several holes through which air will escape. After that, pour water, a few centimeters below the holes, and screw the cooler into the top of the bottle with tape. Advantages: simple and quite effective humidification system. Disadvantages: The design of this device is not the most remarkable. In addition, each time you have to unwind the fan when adding water.

In the hot season, not only a humidifier, but also an air conditioner can maintain the microclimate in the room. Read or.

Do-it-yourself air washer

If you are interested in how to make a do-it-yourself humidifier that will really work effectively in your home, then pay attention to such a device as.

This process is not the easiest and will require certain tools and supplies from you. parts. To make it you will need:

  1. Plastic rectangular container for food storage with a lid, 5-7 liters.
  2. Used CDs, the more the better.
  3. Plastic. You can use any plastic trim, the same thickness. Each piece must measure at least 5 cm by 5 cm.
  4. Two pieces of thin plastic tube. The diameter must be selected empirically.
  5. Choose a gear from a children’s toy empirically
  6. Electric motor from an old tape recorder.
  7. Fan

The main tool you will need is a glue gun.

Homemade air washer

A homemade humidifier-purifier is done like this:

  1. Take CDs. The central hole of the disc is sealed on both sides with pieces of plastic using a glue gun. It is better to make them round and the same.
  2. After that, make through holes in them for a thin plastic tube. The plastic tube should have a size slightly larger than the width of the container.
  3. The next step will be to put all the disks as close to each other as possible and fix them with a glue gun. The resulting workpiece should resemble the inside of an air washer.
  4. We make 1 hole in opposite sides of the container and insert the blank with disks across it. On one side, you need to glue the washer with a glue gun so that the workpiece does not pop out.
  5. On the other hand, to the protruding end of the plastic tube, using a gun, we glue a large gear.
  6. We fix the electric motor with a small gear so that it engages and can rotate the inside with CDs inside the container.
  7. In the lid of the container we make a hole for the fan and several holes so that moist and purified air comes out of them.

It remains only to fill in the water, plug the device into the network and enjoy the fruits of your own labor.

Do-it-yourself ultrasonic humidifier

Finished ultrasonic humidifier
Finished ultrasonic humidifier

Do-it-yourself ultrasonic humidifier, its scheme is as follows. A piezoelectric emitter will be lowered into a container with water on a special float mechanism, which will produce “cold steam”. The fan will supply air inside, which will push the steam out of the tank.

  1. As a container, it is best to take a plastic bottle.
  2. Fan with power supply
  3. Ultrasonic emitter. In Chinese online stores, it is called Mist Maker or fog maker, and costs about 4-5 USD.

We begin assembling an ultrasonic humidifier with our own hands.

Step 1. Cut a hole in the bottle for the fan

Cutting a hole for the fan
Cutting a hole for the fan

Step 2. Lower the emitter through the hole to the bottom of the bottle and fix the fan on it

Fixed fan
Fixed fan

Step 3. Connecting the emitter and fan to a power source

Radiator and fan connection diagram
Radiator and fan connection diagram

Pour water, turn on the power. If everything is done correctly, then almost immediately “cold steam” will come out of the neck of the bottle.

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When making an ultrasonic humidifier and air washer with your own hands, you will have to work with water and high voltage. Use personal protective equipment against electric shock. If you’re not ready for this kind of work, you can always purchase a humidifier.

Which method of humidifying the air from the provided ones will you choose?


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