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Do-it-yourself air conditioner dismantling is the operation on which you can save money. But is it really so? The fact is that most people do not know how to do it and, as a result, they get non-working climate control equipment. Air, getting into the split system, oxidizes copper pipes, as a result of which these devices are “killed”.


For the correct removal of climate control equipment, it is necessary to perform some preparatory work, namely, to prepare the necessary tools, shipping containers for the indoor and outdoor unit of the split system. Now it’s time to prepare the conditioner itself.

If you are a home master who does everything on his own, then we recommend reading how to install an air conditioner without the help of professionals.

Preparing climate equipment for shutdown and removal

  1. First of all, you need to unscrew the nuts on the fittings. Beneath them will be closing valves, made under the hex key. In addition, there is a nipple on the gas fitting, to which a pressure gauge must be screwed.
  2. Now you need to turn on the device to the maximum cold. As soon as it starts to supply cold air, the freon supply should be shut off. This is done with a hex in the fluid nipple (the thinner A/C tube).
  3. As soon as warm air begins to enter from the indoor unit, and the pressure gauge shows a vacuum of -1 MPa, then all the freon is pumped into the condensation chamber. At the same time, the second nut on the steam nozzle (thicker tube) must be closed.1 - shut off the freon supply, 2 - close the gas valve
  4. After the liquid and gas fitting is closed, the device is disconnected from the power supply.
  5. The next step is to disconnect the copper tubes of the line. They are not intended for dismantling, so they are simply bitten at a distance of about 15 cm from the attachment point and immediately caulked to prevent dirt, moisture and air from entering the system.
  6. The next step will be cutting and carefully caulking the copper piping on the indoor unit of the split system.We bite the freon line with wire cutters
  7. After that, the wires for connecting to the mains are marked and untwisted and copper nuts are screwed onto the fittings.

The preparation is over, now it remains to dismantle the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner.

We remove the internal and external modules

It would seem that now, when all the freon is pumped into the condensation chamber, the main pipes are disconnected from the device, it is not difficult to remove it from the wall. But many people ask: «How to remove the air conditioner from the wall.» There are few difficulties with the outdoor unit of a split system, and even then if it is installed on a balcony or within reach.

Be careful when dismantling the indoor unit - do not damage the evaporator pipesWith the indoor unit of the climate device, everything is much more complicated. The whole catch is that it is almost impossible for an untrained person, especially one who does not have a specialized tool, to cope with the latches of fastening the block to the mounting plate.

When disconnecting and removing the indoor unit of the split system, a particular danger arises due to the possibility of deforming the evaporator pipes, which are located in close proximity to the air conditioner mount.

The dismantling process takes place in several stages

  1. Opening fasteners.
  2. Removal from the mount along the guides of the indoor unit.
  3. Remove the mount itself from the wall.
  4. Packing it for subsequent transportation.

If you are unsure of your abilities or you do not have the necessary tools, then it is better to leave the job of dismantling the split system to professionals.

Removing the outdoor unit of the prepared split system can be done independently only if it is located on your balcony. In all other cases, you will need professional industrial climbers, because it is mounted on the wall of the house.


Removing the climate system is not particularly difficult, but before that, you should carefully consider whether the money saved is worth the lost time and health risks when dismantling it yourself?


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