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The architecture of modern buildings and some of the materials from which such buildings are built do not always make it possible to install air conditioners. To meet the needs of consumers who cannot use classic monoblock or split systems in such premises, a column type of air conditioners was invented. [contents] Column type air conditioners are a high-performance split system that differs in appearance and installation method of the indoor unit. The external unit is no different from the standard split system module, and performs the same functions. Externally, the indoor unit looks more like a refrigerator or cabinet. Sometimes it is called that — a cabinet air conditioner. It is installed on the floor of the room, and the air flow from the unit is directed upwards. This air conditioner has a number of advantages in comparison with the classic air conditioning device, therefore it has gained well-deserved popularity among modern consumers.

Purpose and application

Column air conditioner is designed to create optimal temperature indicators for a person in rooms up to 170 m2. These devices take up a lot of space, so they are most often used:

  • The system perfectly copes with cooling in rooms with a large area.Stores and other commercial establishments.
  • Restaurants and other catering establishments.
  • In the halls of the exhibition halls.
  • To create a certain temperature regime in warehouses.
  • In office premises.

By and large, it is difficult to answer where column air conditioners are still used, because they were designed specifically for those places where it is impossible to install other air conditioning systems.

Device and principle of operation

The device of such climate systems is no different from conventional household split systems. The outer block consists of a classic set of elements:

  1. Corps. As a rule, for the manufacture of external blocks of column air conditioners, metal coated with an anti-corrosion compound is used.
  2. compressor. It is thanks to this device that freon is compressed and moves through the «insides» of this climate system.
  3. condenser or heat exchanger. In this device, the hot gas is cooled.
  4. A fan that intensively blows the heat exchanger, forcing the outside air to take the heat removed from the room by freon.

Split system column typeThe indoor unit, although it looks somewhat unusual, is actually quite a common component of a split system. It consists of:

  1. Metal body in the form of a column.
  2. Evaporator — a heat exchanger in which freon passes from a liquid state to a gaseous state.
  3. The fan, due to which the cooled evaporator is blown. Air streams pass through the heat exchanger and are cooled, thereby cooling the room.
  4. Filter for rough air purification. It is designed to remove mechanical impurities such as dust from air streams.
  5. Capillary tube or throttling device.
  6. Control and protection boards.

Advantages and disadvantages

Column split systems have all the functions of modern air conditioners. These are cooling and heating of air, distribution of air flows through the room with the help of blinds, air purification and much more. Many manufacturers endow their models with a lot of additional features, thanks to which they greatly simplify “communication” with them, and also greatly raise their price. But, in spite of everything, such air conditioners have a lot of significant advantages:

  • The main advantage is the ease of installation, which does not require special skills.
  • The abundance of model designs makes it possible to choose the “appearance” of the indoor unit, which will ideally fit into the interior of any home.
  • High performance enables them to work effectively in rooms up to 170 m2.
  • Uniform cooling or heating of the room.
  • ventilation function.
  • The presence of the LCD screen, which displays the indication of work.
  • Self-diagnosis and remote control function.

But such split systems also have disadvantages.

  • Column air conditioners are bulky and heavy. They require a lot of free space.
  • These climate systems are quite expensive.
  • Despite the fact that they direct the air flow straight up, the presence of people in the immediate vicinity of the operating device can lead to colds.

The column split system has many advantages, but its choice should be approached thoughtfully. In small rooms of our apartments, it is undesirable to use such a unit.


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