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All people strive to make their lives comfortable, some of us do everything to be healthy, and very few of us combine the concepts of comfort and health and acquire various climate equipment for this.

The air conditioner relieves us of the heat, and can warm the air during the off-season, the humidifier will give the air an additional portion of the moisture that the air conditioner has consumed. Heating devices will make it possible in the winter cold not to freeze in our own homes, and a dehumidifier will help save us from destructive humidity. In addition, there are various ionizers, air ozonizers, fans that create additional comfort in the house and ventilation to create air exchange. All this equipment helps us to create a favorable microclimate in the premises. But where to find such a large room to accommodate such a bunch of equipment?


It is for this that climate systems were invented, which in one device contain all, or almost all, functions to create an ideal microclimate in your own home. But since they have a considerable cost, you need to approach their choice carefully and scrupulously so that your hard-earned money is not thrown to the wind.

What are the criteria for choosing an air conditioning system?

has a sufficient number of functions, some of which are mandatory, and some are not installed in all models. Required features:

  • Cleaning.
  • Hydration.
  • Creation of air flow (ventilation function).

Healthy microclimate in the children's roomIn addition to working in the above modes, many devices are equipped with additional, but optional «abilities».

In addition to the functional part, you should pay attention to the power of the device. The power of the device should be in the range of 60-90 watts. An important advantage will be the presence of a clear menu on the display and a remote control.

For the convenience of choice, our company has compiled a rating of climatic complexes, which turned out to be the most popular, for use in residential premises and children’s rooms. Users of such equipment took part in the survey, the opinions of buyers of the three largest hypermarkets in the country and managers of household appliances departments, as well as several specialists from enterprises involved in the supply and installation of climate systems were taken into account.

Complexes from 4 manufacturers took part in the survey:

  • Philips AC 4084;
  • Neoclima Ncc 868;
  • Hitachi EP-A8000 CBK;
  • Boneco Air-O-Swiss 2071.

Complex from the manufacturer Philips

Climatic complexes Philips AC 4084

Philips AC4084 is a novelty in the market of climate technology. The device, in terms of its functionality, is a super-mega filter with a humidification function.

It can be safely used for installation in a children’s room, as it is equipped with a five-stage air purification system and an intelligent humidity control system.

  • The filter impregnated with an antibacterial composition is responsible for the first stage of cleaning. It effectively disinfects the air and traps large particles such as hair and animal hair.
  • The second stage of cleaning is equipped with a highly efficient HEPA filter that traps particles up to 20 microns in size.
  • The third stage of cleaning the Philips AC 4084 climate complex is a carbon filter that cleans the air mixture from unpleasant odors.
  • The next step in the device is a HEPA filter element for fine air purification, which removes dust, fungal spores and mold. In addition, the antibacterial coating on it destroys some strains of viruses.
  • In the final stage, the air passes through a humidifying filter, which also has an antibacterial coating to effectively fight certain types of germs.

The device has a light indication of the elements. If at least one filtration stage fails, the device automatically turns off and blocks until the filter is replaced. Philips AC 4084 is quite quiet and produces from 35dB to 55dB.

In addition, this harvester has a 3-stage setting of a humidifying device, is equipped with sensors for monitoring humidity and air pollution, has a timer, and a water softener built into the filtration system. Can fully operate in automatic mode. The power of the device is 50 watts. Working space 55 sq.m.

The price of the climatic complex starts from 20,000 rubles.

What is hidden under the Neoclima brand

Neoclima Ncc 868 filters up to 95% of air impurities

The climatic complex Neoclima Ncc 868 is also the owner of almost all the possible functions inherent in a good ultrasonic humidifier: 3-stage air purification, humidification. Also pleased with the presence of pleasant «little things» like an ionizer, an ozonator and a UV lamp.

  • The air purification system is equipped with a highly effective carbon filter that absorbs unpleasant odors and cleans the air masses efficiently.
  • After that, the air enters the HEPA filter element, which can trap up to 95% of airborne contaminants.
  • The last stage of purification is a photocatalytic filter, which decomposes all organic compounds, including microbes, viruses, tobacco tar, etc., during operation. It does not require cleaning and replacement.

The Neoclima Ncc 868 system can be recommended for installation in living quarters with a high degree of dustiness of air masses or as a climate system and contamination of the air mixture in children’s rooms.

The device produces an average noise level of 40 dB, and has an LCD display with information about the state of the air. But, according to reviews, it is the display that interferes with sleep at night, since it cannot be turned off. In addition, most users indicated an ill-conceived water topping system as a drawback of the device. The device has a power of 95 W and is designed to work in a room of 40 square meters.

The cost of the complex varies from 10,000 to 15,000 rubles.

Нitachi and its climatic complex

The Нitachi EP-A8000 СBK climate complex is one of the flagships of Japanese climate technology, combining a high-quality air purifier and air humidifier. It is equipped with a 3 stage air filtration system.

  • The first stage is a highly efficient HEPA filter element with a purification level of 13. Thanks to its antibacterial impregnation, most contaminants are retained: dust, plant pollen and some viruses.
  • The second is a carbon filter that effectively destroys odors, harmful gases, and household dust.
  • As a third level of purification, a deodorizing humidifying filter is installed in the device.

The device is equipped with a system of sensors that monitor the humidity and contamination of the air mixture, so that the device can operate in a fully automatic mode.

Нitachi EP-A8000 has an air ionization function

In addition, the device is equipped with an ionizer and can effectively perform tasks on an area of ​​55 sq.m. The climate system is one of the quietest. At low power, the noise level does not exceed 13 dB. This device uses the most advanced Stainless Clean technology. The device has a stylish design and will easily fit into any interior.

Its main disadvantage is the small volume of the water tank of 2.4 liters and the price of 55,000 rubles.

Manufacturer Boneco in the HVAC market

The Air-O-Swiss 2071 climate complex is designed to humidify the air masses in the room, as well as to clean and aromatize. It has two water tanks, one of which is for aroma oils.

The Air-O-Swiss 2071 uses multi-stage air purification by equipping with an air pre-filter, a high-performance HEPA filter element and a carbon filter that removes unpleasant odors and tobacco smoke. In addition, the device is equipped with a special water filter.

Air-O-Swiss 2071 is suitable for installation in a children's room

The power of the device is 42 W, due to which it can effectively serve large enough rooms up to 50 sq.m. A large water tank of 8.4 liters can create air exchange up to 190 m3/h. The main feature of the complex is the smooth adjustment of the fan speed, so you can always set the most convenient level of comfort for yourself.

The device produces 32 dB of noise, which is practically not felt during the day and does not interfere with sleep at night. The main advantage of the device is its quiet operation, good air purification and surprisingly large weight. It is difficult to move it, since the weight of the device with full tanks is more than 10 kg, so it can be used as a climate system for a child’s room. Children theoretically will not be able to overturn the device.

Disadvantages of the device: quite expensive consumables.

The cost of the device is about 20,000 rubles.

Based on the technical characteristics and user reviews, by the majority of voters, Neocliman CC 868 was recognized as the best climate complex for the home, in terms of performance-price-quality ratio.


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