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Air conditioning has become an integral part of our daily lives. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are in almost every modern house. In addition, most apartments have humidifiers, purifiers and other devices that work to create a favorable microclimate in the premises. But all devices require control and management. If you think about how much time is spent searching for the remote control from each specific device and setting the optimal parameters, then it’s easy to come to the conclusion that it’s not the climate technology that works for us, but we work for it.


A way out of this situation was helped by engineers who felt sorry for the time to set up each climatic parameter individually. As a result, a climate control system for the house was created.

What is climate control in a modern home

Climate control is a system used to maintain the desired climatic characteristics in a dwelling by automatically controlling ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems. Modern climate control systems can work both independently and integrated into smart home technology.Maintaining the temperature in each room separately

The main device that controls the climatic indicators and air characteristics, as well as coordinating the operation of all heating, air conditioning, cleaning and humidifying devices, supplying fresh air and extracting exhaust air is a computer. But this is not the home PC that everyone is used to seeing on their desktop. This is a small electronic unit with a display, «sharpened» to create an optimal microclimate.

In a smart home system, climate control can not only collect data and control the operation of climate control equipment, but also effectively save energy by preventing two devices with opposite functions from working simultaneously. For example: underfloor heating will turn off when the air conditioner is running. The climate control system integrated into smart home technology will reduce the energy consumption of climate control equipment when the owners are not at home by switching the operation of the devices to “sleep mode” or maintaining the heating temperature in a mode in which the system will not “defrost”. The climate control of a private house allows you to create an individual climate zone in each of its premises (including a wine cellar, basement, etc.).Climate control in the house centrally from one device

Operating principle

The principle of operation of climate control is based on the collection of information about the temperature and humidity characteristics of air for each room by special sensors, data analysis and control of climate equipment.

  • Heating is controlled by means of servomotors installed on heating devices and circuits.
  • Ventilation is controlled by means of air dampers installed on the supply and exhaust ducts.
  • Air flow control on the terminal branches of supply air ducts is carried out by air flow regulators.
  • Underfloor heating is controlled by thermostats and climate controllers.

When climate control is integrated into the smart home system, it is possible to control ventilation, which performs the functions of heating and air conditioning.

Problem of choice

Climate control or air conditioning, this is the choice that millions of Russians face today, and here’s why.

A modern air conditioner can independently cool and heat the air, purify it with its own filters, and some models can humidify and mix in fresh air. In addition, a multi-split system can work with several indoor units and maintain individual climatic characteristics of the air in each individual room.Air conditioner control

An intelligent climate control system and an air conditioner, even the most modern one, are two completely different things, despite some common features.

  • An air conditioner is one device equipped with many functions that cannot fully replace each engineering network separately. The air conditioner cannot act as the main source of heating the apartment, does not provide a full supply of fresh air, etc.
  • Climate control is, first of all, a control system that includes climate control devices and devices, as well as such full-fledged engineering networks, such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The differences between an air conditioner and climate control are obvious, and the choice of the majority will not be in the direction of an air conditioner. But here comes the price issue.

A good split system costs about 1,000 euros, plus installation and «tea» — 1.5 thousand euros.

Now climate control:

  • Channel air conditioner, humidifier, purifier and climate control equipment with built-in control unit. Each such device will cost from 10 to 40 thousand rubles.
  • Temperature sensors (according to the number of rooms), thermostats, climate controllers, servo drives. The cost of each device is from 200 to 600 euros.
  • Control panel about 500 euros.
  • Relay module about 1000 euros. And this is without a project, installation and configuration.

In terms of cost, air conditioning will replace full-fledged climate control for domestic consumers for a long time to come.

But even those who decide to allocate a certain amount for the possession of intelligent climate control in their own home will have to strain themselves with the search for ready-made solutions.

Ready-made climate control systems

Today, in order to enjoy all the benefits of climate control in your home, you should use smart home technology. Such technology is multifunctional and climate control is only one of the possibilities of a smart home. If this option is not suitable, then you can equip your country house with ventilation with a climate control function.

The main elements of ventilation:

  • Ventilation unit in which the temperature and humidity preparation of supply air is carried out. The unit includes a rotary heat exchanger, an air cooler and automation.
  • Air ducts with air distribution devices.
  • Air flow control devices.

The Moscow company «TRIA Complex of Engineering Systems» solves the issues of introducing Smart Home technology and creating a ventilation system with a climate control function.

In addition, it is possible to install equipment for automatic temperature control of heating circuits. For example: the R ¾ Digi Comfortof Wolf control can control the operation of four independent heating circuits. Similar devices are produced by such companies as Viessman, Buderus (Germany), DeDietrich (France), Honeyweel (USA). The cost of automation is from 600 to 2.5 thousand euros.

Before you decide to connect your home to smart home technology, consult with a specialist. Based on your requirements, he can offer cheaper automation options.


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