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Plastic windows are convenient and inexpensive designs that most city apartment owners have installed for themselves. However, such products have their own characteristics, they have good tightness, which allows you to avoid drafts and heat leakage in winter, but at the same time this turns into a disadvantage — the room is not sufficiently ventilated.


Stale air creates unpleasant sensations, so there is a need for ventilation. This problem is fairly easy to solve. In order not to waste time on airing, you can install an automatic climate valve on PVC windows, which will do all the necessary work.

Double-glazed windows with automatic ventilation
Double-glazed windows with automatic ventilation

Automatic ventilation device for plastic windows

Double-glazed windows with automatic ventilation — what is it? Usually, such a definition means windows equipped with valves with automatic ventilation control, which is carried out using special sensors that respond to external changes. Unlike manual devices, in this case you do not have to constantly worry about adjusting the ventilation.

All ventilation valves are divided into three categories that are on the market. There are many manufacturers that produce similar products for installation on window structures, so it is not difficult to purchase a device:

  • Slotted provide an adequate supply of fresh air. It enters through a special hole, which is covered from the outside with a special inlet valve. It protects against ingress of dust and insects from the street. In the room, the opening is covered by a regulating block. Such a valve is usually installed on the top of the structure or in a dividing profile, in a horizontal position. Its advantage is a sufficiently large throughput, in addition, this device does not require dismantling.
  • Seam valves are considered simple and inexpensive. They supply fresh air through small openings. Such devices allow for air flow without violating sound insulation, however, such openings will not be enough to ventilate large rooms.
  • Overhead valves have the highest throughput, providing good ventilation. However, the problem is that they must be installed at the stage of installation of the window structure, providing a separate place. You can not put such a valve when the window is already in use.
Automatic valve device
Automatic valve device

PVC windows with the possibility of ventilation provide an optimal indoor climate, which is important for the health of residents. The automatic system works by using pressure sensors or a hygrometer. They can react to the difference in pressure outside the window and in the room, or to the level of humidity, adjusting the ventilation process. You can also do this manually if the need arises.

It is not difficult to take care of ventilation valves, for this it is enough to clean them as they get dirty while washing windows. Usually this procedure is not required very often, so maintenance will not cause problems.

Tip: for optimal operation of the valve, it is necessary that the ventilation system in the room itself is in good working order. Otherwise, even if you purchase an expensive device from a well-known manufacturer, its installation will not give much effect. Therefore, you first need to make sure that everything is in order with the ventilation in the house.

Valve installation
Valve installation

Installation steps

Plastic windows with automatic ventilation allow you to get rid of stale air, as well as condensation on the windows. To do this, it is necessary to select and install a suitable valve. Automatic devices can be installed both on blind windows and on opening ones:

  • Installation can be carried out with the removal of the old double-glazed window and the order of a new one, with reduced dimensions. The valve itself is placed in the gap between the frame and the glass. The problem with this method is that the cost of installing and purchasing new glass increases.
  • Also, the valve can be installed in the place of binding, this option is suitable for sealed window structures. At the same time, the process itself does not take much time, about half an hour is enough to complete the work.
  • In addition, when ordering windows, you can also immediately take care of the installation of valves, indicating this when placing an order. Then, during installation, specialists will perform all the necessary work.

Advantages and disadvantages

Passive ventilation sensors on the windows are a convenient system that allows you to automatically adjust the process of fresh air intake. This option has a number of advantages that can be immediately noticed when using such products:

  • There is no need to constantly think about ventilation, the system itself will do everything necessary, reacting to changes in external indicators, and will take care of maintaining the optimal microclimate in the room.
  • If it suddenly seems that it has become too cold, then you can always close the ventilation valve manually, a similar possibility is also provided.
  • The use of valves allows you to extend the life of window structures, since they can deteriorate due to the accumulation of condensate that occurs in the absence of ventilation.
  • In addition, stale air, in which dust and unpleasant odors accumulate, is harmful to health, it can cause allergic reactions and diseases of the respiratory system, so ventilation is a necessary action.
Automatic ventilation device for windows
Automatic ventilation device for windows

The disadvantages include the fact that the valves do not always provide sufficient ventilation if the room has a large area. In this case, you will have to think about purchasing an additional ventilation system. In addition, in some cases, the installation of the valve may require additional costs if the window pane needs to be replaced.


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