Associations in the climate industry


APIC (Association of Climate Industry Enterprises)

APIK was established back in May 1997 on the initiative of Moscow air conditioning companies. The need for it arose because it turned out that climate firms have common problems. Like many associations, APIC is non-profit. Its budget is formed from membership dues.
Now APIC brings together more than 60 different Russian climate companies: suppliers, manufacturers, installation companies. Almost any company, both Russian and foreign, can become an APIC member. The main conditions: work in the Russian market of climate technology for at least three years, a reliable business reputation and two recommendations from APIC members.

The Association sets itself the goal of representing and protecting the common interests of APIC members in government agencies and various non-governmental organizations, both Russian and international. It seeks to establish relationships with consumers of climate technology, and associations that protect consumer rights. Actively cooperates with business unions and other professional associations.

For more than ten years, APIC has been publishing its own magazine «Climate World» with information about new technologies and equipment with useful information for business development, expert opinions and assessments.

ABOK (Association of HVAC Engineers)

In January 1990, at an all-Union meeting of specialists in the field of ventilation and heat and gas supply, it was decided to create the Association of ABOK Engineers. Now it includes 294 Russian and foreign organizations and 48 specialists.

ABOK helps to conduct joint research and development of its members. Initiates and participates in the revision of existing and development of new regulatory and advisory documents: standards, SNiPs, Codes of Practice, manuals, etc. It is ABOK that manages voluntary certification programs for air conditioners and other devices.

The Association helps state institutions of various levels in holding tenders, competitions, examinations, as well as in the preparation of regulatory and legislative issues.
Conducts technical training and special seminars for specialists to improve their skills and participates in the work of similar international organizations, as well as at exhibitions, forums, conferences and congresses. It helps its members to establish business contacts with foreign firms and organizations, to present their products on the international market.
ABOK publishes the magazines «ABOK», «Energy Saving», «Santechnika».

ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers)

The famous American society ASHRAE appeared in 1894. Today it unites more than 55,000 professionals from more than 40 countries of the world. Among the members is the association ABOK.
The key goals of the ASHRAE alliance are: the creation of standards and regulatory documentation, scientific research, the exchange of experience and the training of engineers in the field of air conditioning, refrigeration and heating.
The Society trains professionals (even on-line), carries out certification of professionals and scientific seminars on climate technology. In Russia, the English-Russian terminological dictionary ASHRAE, beloved by climate engineers, has been published, dedicated to terms for air conditioning and cooling, ventilation and heating.

REHVA (Federation of European Heating and Air Conditioning Associations)

REHVA is the name of the Federation of European Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation Associations. It brings together professional communities of engineers from many European countries. This idea of ​​joint work of associations of a number of European states in the field of air conditioning and heating has been discussed since the beginning of the 60s of the last century. As a result, the heads of 9 European associations were invited by the Dutch association TVVL to The Hague (Netherlands) on September 27, 1963. At the event, the Charter was approved and a program of action for the coming years was determined.

Currently, 29 European states are represented in the federation. The magazine «REHVA» is published. For almost fifty years of work, REHVA has been able to significantly improve contacts between European associations for air conditioning, ventilation and heating, as well as with almost all communities related to this field: IIR, ASHRAE, CIB, Unichal, Eurovent, etc.
Every year in some of the European member states of REHVA the General Assembly of REHVA is held, in 2006 it was in the Russian Federation.


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