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In the conditions of modern airtight apartments, questions related to inefficiency are increasingly arising. [link_webnavoz][/link_webnavoz], namely with the lack of influx of street air masses. Due to the lack of fresh air in such rooms, the oxygen content in the air mixture is significantly reduced, which leads to a sharp decrease in the mental and physical activity of the people in it.


Air intake from outside

Today, this problem is solved by creating a forced, equipping the premises with ventilators and wall inlet valves, as well as specialized climatic equipment — air conditioners with fresh air. In fairness, it should be said that it is more correct to call this equipment not with an inflow, but with an admixture of street air, and the volume of air masses supplied to the room usually does not exceed 40%.

The device and principle of operation of the air conditioner with inflow

with an influx of fresh air come in various designs. The most popular among our compatriots are models with a wall and channel arrangement of the indoor unit. The device of such climate systems is not much different from standard air conditioners, with the exception of the air duct that combines the indoor and outdoor units and the filtering system for the incoming air mixture. Channel air conditioners of this type are most often equipped with an electric or water heater, which heats the incoming air flow during the off-season.Air conditioning device with inflow

An air conditioner with forced ventilation mode for an apartment consists of:

  • Evaporative (internal) unit, which includes a heat exchanger, a fan, a filtration system, and an electronic control unit.
  • An outdoor unit including a compressor, a condenser heat exchanger, a cooling fan and an additional suction turbine, as well as a mixing chamber.

The mixing of air masses occurs as follows: by means of a suction fan, fresh air is supplied through the duct to the evaporation unit, where it enters a special chamber and mixes with the air from the room. After that, the air mixture passes through the filtration system and undergoes additional processing (heating, humidification, dehumidification, etc.), which depends on the version, the set mode and the model of the split system. Only after processing the air mixture is fed into the room. Microprocessor control allows you to automatically control the parameters of the air mixture specified by the user, as well as the strength of the air flow.

Scope and advantages of split systems of this type

Air conditioners with a function are most often used in residential sealed buildings equipped with modern metal-plastic windows, as well as in rooms with special requirements for air exchange and the quality of the air mixture.

Supply air filters

The main advantages of an air conditioner with an influx of fresh air are:

  • Year-round supply of serviced premises with an influx of fresh air. The competent approach of manufacturers made it possible to create such climate equipment that can work even at low temperatures.
  • High degree of purification of street air. An open window will give the necessary influx of air masses, but its quality, especially in a metropolis, leaves much to be desired. Split systems are equipped with efficient filter elements, thanks to which clean and fresh air enters the room.
  • Microprocessor control makes it possible to automatically maintain the set temperature and humidity characteristics and device performance.

Factors to pay attention to

Despite the rather serious advantages of such, air conditioners with forced ventilation for an apartment have not become particularly popular with our compatriots, and there are several explanations for this:

  1. Increased noise level, the source of which is an additional fan. From Russia, the noise level is regulated by sanitary standards, which clearly state that the level of penetrating sound exposure to residential premises cannot be higher than 30 dB at night. Most of the common models of such climate technology have an indicator on the verge of this value.
  2. A household air conditioner of this type cannot fully replace the ventilation system.
  3. High price. The price of such a device is approximately 15-20% higher than that of inverter-controlled climate control equipment of similar power.

The choice of a split system of this type should be entrusted to professionals, since the implementation of proper air exchange and synchronization of the ventilation system with the air conditioning system is possible only with a competent calculation and assessment of the required volume of supply air.


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