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Air conditioning is a brilliant invention of mankind, which allows you to create a comfortable microclimate in the premises, regardless of the air temperature outside the window. Already more than 60% of the city apartments of our compatriots are equipped with this wonderful device.


As a rule, the air conditioner is installed in the living room or bedroom. Many conscious parents, who have realized the importance of the right microclimate in the development of their own child, install such climatic equipment in children’s rooms. But the kitchens in the homes of our compatriots, as a rule, are not equipped with an air conditioning system. In the framework of this article, we will try to figure out whether air conditioning is needed for the kitchen in the apartment?

Air temperature control in the kitchen

The air temperature in the kitchen is almost always higher than in the rest of the rooms of the house or apartment, since it is in this room on a relatively small area that a lot of devices that emit thermal energy are collected. First of all, it is a gas or electric stove and an oven. Almost every home has an electric kettle and/or coffee maker and microwave. The heat exchanger on the back wall of the refrigerator also releases a lot of heat energy, and unlike other household appliances — all the time.Heat sources

Air conditioning in the kitchen: the reviews of our compatriots about the need for this device are extremely ambiguous. The owners of modern split systems, in principle, agree that an air conditioning system in the kitchen is necessary, but everything depends on the cost of this device. Almost everyone who does not have this device does not consider it necessary to start the struggle for creating the ideal microclimate in their home from the kitchen.

If we add up all the heat emissions from household appliances with a 30-degree heat, which is present in almost the entire territory of our vast territory in summer, then it will immediately become clear that air conditioning in the kitchen is simply necessary.

Many people prefer to use simpler and cheaper devices to combat heat emissions, such as a window fan for the kitchen. Some people try to lower the air temperature in the cooking room by increasing the air exchange by installing an exhaust hood.

It should be understood that an air conditioner and a kitchen hood are household appliances of a completely different orientation. The exhaust hood removes odors and combustion products from the room. Air conditioner — cools the room. To create a good microclimate in the kitchen, it makes sense to install both devices.

Which air conditioner to choose

Despite the fact that there are special requirements for kitchen climate control equipment, choosing an air conditioner for the kitchen is quite simple, and there are several reasons for this:

  1. There is no need to choose a low noise device.
  2. The climate control device does not have to be a multifunctional device.
  3. The device management system can have a minimum number of settings.
  4. In such a room, a device with air heating is not needed.
  5. No inverter controlled device required.

It probably does not make sense to describe all types of air conditioners that can be installed in the kitchen. We will only touch on the shortcomings of one or another type of climatic device when installing a kitchen in a room.

Window monoblock is the cheapest representative of climate technology. The cost of a «non-heating» device of low power (the area of ​​u200bu200bpremises for cooking in our apartments usually does not exceed 15 m2) rarely goes beyond 400 c.u.Window monoblock

The problem of installing a window monoblock is the additional cost of reworking the window, especially if it is metal-plastic.

Mobile air conditioners, according to experts, are not suitable for installation in a cooking room. They occupy precious square centimeters of space and require the removal of warm air. The air duct, of course, can be brought out through the window, but this is not aesthetically pleasing and is not always possible due to the lack of one.

A modern classic split system is a rather expensive device, although it has several undeniable advantages: it does not take up space and is equipped with a good filtration system.

If you are able to part with 1.2 thousand USD (the average price of an inexpensive climate control device with installation), then pay attention to models with serviced filters.

A ducted air conditioner can be considered an ideal solution for creating an ideal microclimate not only in the kitchen, but throughout the apartment, if not for one thing: such a system will require quite serious financial investments in organizing a network of air ducts, creating a false ceiling and purchasing the device itself. In addition, the duct climate device will significantly reduce the height of the ceilings, which in new buildings do not exceed three meters.

When choosing an air conditioner for the kitchen, you should pay attention to models with easy access to the heat exchanger, fan and filter elements. Grease, which is in the air mixture of the kitchen, inevitably settles on the insides of the air conditioner. That is why prevention of kitchen air conditioners should be carried out more often than devices installed in other areas of the home.

Kitchen air conditioners for catering establishments

Problems with fatty deposits on internal surfaces, the evaporator, fan blades and filter elements are inherent not only in household climate control equipment, but also in quite professional devices. In hot shops, air conditioners are installed, mainly wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted with oil-catching filter elements instead of dust ones.

The case of the air conditioner in the kitchen of the restaurant should be easily disassembled and made of a material that is resistant to cleaning agents. Not so long ago, the Mitsuibshi Electric company began supplying the Russian market with climate equipment, specially designed for the kitchens of catering establishments, models of air conditioners.Model PCA-RP125HA

The most popular model of a climatic device for hot catering shops is PCA-RP125HA, which is distinguished by an easily collapsible stainless steel case, the ability to work in the cold season (up to -15 ° C), and an air dehumidification function, which is quite important for kitchens with high moisture release. . Due to its design features, this split system improves the microclimate in the room using the possibility of adding fresh air.


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