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Not so long ago — just in July 2008 — we got acquainted with a new term — SRO. But this abbreviation has already firmly entered our lives for several years. SRO, or “Self-regulatory organization” is a non-profit organization that unites individual entrepreneurs and (or) legal entities. The purpose of its creation is the regulation of a certain kind of professional activity or the regulation of the activities of a certain industry. The activities of SROs themselves in our country are regulated by Federal Law No. 315-FZ “On Self-Regulatory Organizations”.

This law, in particular, provides for the establishment of each SRO of its own standards and rules of professional activity, which are mandatory for all participants in the SRO and control over their implementation. So now the company’s participation in SRO automatically allows you to determine both the qualification level of the company itself and its individual employees. To do this, it will be enough just to find out which SRO the company is affiliated with, and then — according to the old-fashioned principle: «Tell me who your friend is (in our case, a SRO colleague), and I will tell you who you are.»

The law also obliges the SRO to provide additional property liability of the organization’s participants to the consumers of the work (services, goods) and other persons. So now any SRO will be responsible in rubles for the actions of any company to which it has issued a work permit. The amount of compensation for damage will be covered by the contributions that any company makes to the compensation fund upon joining the SRO. Thus, all participants in a self-regulatory organization bear collective responsibility for each other’s actions. This allows for stricter control over the activities of each SRO member.

A company that has not yet decided which organization to join has a choice: either to join an SRO already registered, or to an organization that is just on its way to registration. Of course, in the second option there is a certain amount of risk — you join an organization that does not yet have the right to issue a permit for certain types of work, and it is not very clear how long this situation will last. But the organization itself is very interested in every new entrant, which means you can count on a loyal and friendly attitude towards yourself.

Summarizing this article, I would like to note:
1. When choosing a climate company for cooperation, pay attention to the membership of this company in the SRO;
2. Pay attention to the availability of certificates from installation and service groups, industrial climbers;

«iClim — Smart Climate» guarantees the quality and durability of all work carried out!

The procedure for joining the SRO «SPETSSTROYREKONSTRUKTSIYA» is described in more detail on the organization’s website: www.sroasp.ru


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