There is a certain standard (developed in the USA) for comfortable climatic conditions for a person. This standard defines thermal comfort — this is a state of a person when he is completely satisfied with the conditions of the place where he lives, as well as such conditions under which a person does not have the conditions to change these conditions (to make it warmer or colder).

There are even certain sizes of parameters that are considered satisfactory for eighty percent of normal, healthy people who are dressed according to weather conditions and perform light physical work. Let’s look at these options:
— the value of relative air humidity can vary from 20 to 60%;
— the value of the air velocity can vary from 0.05-0.23 m/s;
— The dry bulb temperature can vary from 23°C to 25°C.
If a person stays in a room during the warm period of the year for a short time, then in many respects the comfortable conditions depend on the temperature of the air outside. Take into account that with a large difference in t air in and out of the room, a person may experience not very pleasant sensations, and as a result, a person may even catch a cold.

In rooms where a person spends a short time period, the humidity level should not exceed sixty percent. In addition, it is recommended that the air t decrease from the floor to the ceiling. There is even a kind of “recommendation” for temperature here, if people move, then it should not be higher than twenty-five degrees Celsius, and for people who are at rest, t should not be higher than twenty-eight degrees Celsius.

Some interesting numbers.

Humidity level in the bedroom.
Let’s take for example a standard room, the volume of which does not exceed 50 m3. About eight hundred and seventy grams of H2O can dissolve in such a volume of air. Suppose that the room initially had about two hundred and seventeen grams of steam, therefore, the percentage of humidity is 25. If the room does not have natural or artificial ventilation, then two people will evaporate about five hundred grams of water in just eight hours. And this means that the percentage of humidity will already reach 100. Imagine that the room can be even smaller. Of course, considering real conditions, it is worth considering that air will circulate in the room (for example, through a gap under the door), which means that the situation will not be so “deplorable”. But of course, in such a situation, you should not abandon a high-quality ventilation system, since it will be very difficult to do without it.

Under the same conditions as above, within eight hours, the level of carbon dioxide concentration can increase by two to three percent of the initial level. And the level of oxygen concentration, respectively, will also decrease by two or three percent of the initial level.

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