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Air conditioning, in the opinion of the layman, is the greatest invention of mankind. Everyone knows (especially the owners) that for «long life» this representative of climate technology needs regular maintenance, cleaning, etc. This can be done with the help of service center specialists, paying a lot of hard-earned money for this, or on your own, using one of the products offered on the domestic market for cleaning air conditioners and split systems.

The choice of chemistry for cleaning and disinfection of climatic equipment is great and it is not easy to understand it, sometimes even for a specialist. That is why the specialists of our company decided to create a short review of air conditioner cleaners, which can be freely purchased on the domestic market of household chemicals.

The bulk of air conditioning cleaners for domestic use are available in foam cans or aerosol dispensers with a ready-made solution.

Mode of application

Foam is most often used to clean the heat exchanger.

  1. The contents of the container must be shaken well and applied in an even layer on the fins of the heat exchanger.
  2. Gradually, the foam turns into a liquid, washing away contaminants into the drainage system.
  3. After that, the air conditioner must be allowed to work in ventilation mode for several minutes to dry completely.

For more information on how to use the air conditioner foam cleaner, you can read on the bottle of the product you have chosen.

Sprays are used in a slightly different way: they are sprayed not only on the heat exchanger, but also directly into the intake deflector when the air conditioner is operating in ventilation mode. For full information on how to use, see the packaging of a particular brand of spray cleaner.

Operating principle

The effect of the drug on pollution depends entirely on its composition. Most often, the composition of cleaners includes: Surfactants (surfactants) that reduce surface tension, as a result of which they have good washing ability. In addition to PAP, the composition includes components that allow the detergent composition to “stick” to contaminated areas and various fragrances. In addition to surfactants and fragrances, cleaners for air conditioners and ventilation systems may include chloro-alcohol, acid or alkaline additives, as well as biologically active components for disinfecting the “insides” of climate control equipment.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of aerosol cleaners and various sprays is ease of use. The algorithm is simple:

  1. Apply to the heat exchanger;
  2. Wait 10-15 min. while the purifier is running;
  3. Ventilate the device in ventilation mode.

Some manufacturers require to additionally wash off the remnants of the product from the heat exchanger with clean water. In addition, all self-cleaning products for climate control equipment effectively dissolve dirt and grease, restoring the cooling capacity of the split system, and also remove unpleasant odors associated with the spread of mold colonies. The disadvantages include a rather weak degree of cleaning with heavy pollution and a small dosage of funds, which is enough for 2 cleanings at best.

A complete cleaning of your air conditioner is recommended to be carried out in late spring and early autumn, that is, only twice, and it is recommended to use air conditioner cleaners every two months.

Judging by the reviews of those who regularly use cleaning products for their climate control equipment on their own, foam air conditioner cleaner is less effective, but safer and more convenient to use.

Purifiers on the market


DMO cleanerDomo, from Ukrainian manufacturer XADO, is a foamy, highly effective agent for cleaning evaporative and condensing heat exchangers of domestic and automotive air conditioners. Allows you to easily get rid of dirt and unpleasant odors from the air conditioner, as well as disinfect it.

  • The main components of the composition: surfactants (atmospheric and non-ionic); antibacterial components; solvent; fragrance; hydrocarbon propellant.
  • Version: aerosol can.
  • Weight 320 gr.
  • The average cost in Moscow is 6.5 USD.

Indesit Air Conditioner Cleaner

Indesit - air conditioner cleaner The Italian manufacturer of this chemistry guarantees highly efficient cleaning of heat exchangers from strong contaminants, removal of unpleasant odors and high-quality disinfection of the air conditioner. A feature of the cleaner is the possibility of using it for both household and automotive climate control equipment. This is a great all-purpose cleaner that you can use for both home and car.

  • Produced in the form of a spray, in cylinders of 150 g.
  • The average cost in Moscow is 10 USD, in El Dorado can order for 344 rubles (the price is valid in May 2020, taking into account the discount)


Cleaner korting K19If you do not know how to clean the indoor unit of the air conditioner, then pay attention to the highly effective aerosol for cleaning and antibacterial treatment of household air conditioners KORTING K19. It should be generously applied to the heat exchanger for 15 minutes. After this time, the air conditioner can be used. A distinctive feature of this tool is that it can clean not only the air cooling system, but also filters.

Not suitable for compressed cellulose filter elements.

  • Available in spray bottle.
  • Volume 250 gr.
  • Manufacturer Korting Denmark.
  • Cost 12 USD


easyclean aerosol cleanerEasyClean is a universal aerosol cleaner for evaporative and condensing coils. A feature of this tool is a selective effect, that is, chemistry removes contaminants without affecting other materials. EasyClean effectively removes grease, dust, stubborn dirt, nicotine and neutralizes bacterial background.

After application, the manufacturer recommends washing off the remaining foam from the internal parts of the split system.

  • Aerosol 500 mg.
  • Manufacturer Advanced Engineering (United Kingdom)
  • The cost is 1100 rubles.


Cleaner-disinfector RTUAnother representative of cleaners-disinfectors from Advanced Engineering. According to the reviews of those who used this drug, the spray really effectively removes almost all types of contaminants from heat exchangers. Antimicrobial treatment is a nice bonus from the manufacturing company.

  • Release form — spray.
  • Volume 1 l.
  • The average cost in Moscow is 2100 rubles.

If you still have not decided how to clean the air conditioner at home, then it is best to contact professionals. In any case, they will do it much better.

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