window fan

A fan is a device that is practically indispensable in any apartment. Of course, with the advent of modern air conditioners and split systems that make staying in the house comfortable during the summer heat, the original purpose of buying fans — air cooling — has ceased to be popular. Most often it is installed in a window, while pursuing certain goals. Which? — Let’s consider.

How is a window fan used?

Such a small device as a fan can quite cope with a number of tasks. First of all, it is used to cool the air in the room in the summer. At the same time, its main advantage is, of course, the price. Not everyone can afford modern split systems: the cost of the cheapest air conditioner is many times higher than the cost of the most expensive fan. Another thing is a window fan. Therefore, if you set out to save yourself from the heat, you need to consider options among window household supply fans that stimulate the flow of air from the street.

It is known that the kitchen is a place where not only fragrant dishes are prepared. Gases, smoke and unpleasant odors accumulate there, penetrating throughout the apartment. Opening the window, of course, will not help to remove the ambergris quickly. And if you can’t install a hood, an exhaust fan will help you. Built into the window, it carries out the removal of polluted air after cooking outside. However, then it will be necessary to open a window in another room to provide fresh air.

The window fan is reversible, with a supply and exhaust mechanism of operation. Its feature is the ability to move air in both directions: both outward and inward. When switching the mode, the direction of rotation of the impeller in the fan changes. Such a device is perfect for rooms with increased air pollution or humidification: bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, garages, workshops.

What to consider when choosing a window fan?

When buying a fan, be sure to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. The level of generated noise, especially when installed in residential or work areas. Stop your choice on models with a noise level not exceeding 30dB.
  2. Fan power, especially when installed in the kitchen. It must be calculated according to the area of ​​u200bu200bthe room.
  3. The presence of automatic blinds to prevent back draft and the ingress of insects and dust.

In addition, some models of fans are equipped with control panels with which you can switch modes and rotation speed, which, of course, increases the cost of the device.

How is a window fan installed?

The easiest way is to mount the fan in the window, in which it is better to replace the glass with organic or plywood. Work on internalwindow built-in fan and the outer glass sheets must be done before the fan is installed. With a jigsaw, not only a large hole is cut out for the fan shaft, but also 4 smaller ones for mounting the device. The glass is then inserted into the window frame and covered with silicone to seal. After installing the fan and fixing it, the electrical cable must also be mounted inside the vent leaf. The output of the cord will be carried out through the hinge of the sash, and its connection to the home network. Regarding the installation of a fan in a plastic window, it is best to discuss the possibility of installing the device when ordering a window: they will immediately cut a hole in it or make a window. Otherwise, the appearance and tightness of the profile will be violated.


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