The most popular type of home air conditioner is a wall-mounted split system, i.e. air conditioner having two separate blocks, indoor and outdoor, interconnected. And inverter split systems give people the greatest comfort and the least number of problems.

What is a split system

Actually, it makes no sense to explain what a split system is, because there is no city dweller who would not see it. True, more often we see only an external unit, which is installed outside the building. The outdoor unit contains almost all the main equipment of a domestic air conditioner, so it makes noise. And so it is removed from the premises. Most often, outdoor units are fixed on the outer walls of buildings or on balconies.

Inverter split system Energolux Zurich

Inverter split system Energolux Zurich

In addition to the outdoor unit, the split system also has an indoor unit, which is located in the right place in the living space. We note right away that at the present stage, almost all split systems, if they are correctly selected in terms of power, will effectively perform their functions. Namely, they provide inside the premises where the indoor units are installed the specified temperature regime.

It is clear that special requirements are imposed on the indoor unit — it must be easy to control, it must fit well into the design of the room, and most importantly, during operation, it must not bother the inhabitants of the house with its noise.

To make the air conditioner work well, but not noisy

If the indoor unit of the split system is installed in the kitchen or in the living room, then the noise from its operation, of course, is not pleasant, but “not fatal”. This happens because there is enough noise in the living room or in the kitchen even without air conditioning: the TV and refrigerator are working, household members are talking. Another thing is a bedroom, an office or a nursery. In these rooms, the hum is a pronounced factor of discomfort.

Does the indoor unit make noise, and if so, how much? The answer depends on the type of split system. The most noiseless inverter split systems. It is these air conditioners that are optimally suited for installation in rooms with increased requirements for comfort.

By the way, few people know that the split system not only regulates the temperature in the room, but also provides the desired humidity. This feature is especially useful during summer thunderstorms, when the humidity in the house overcomes the 70% mark, which makes the indoor climate truly “tropical” and unpleasant.

How inverter split systems work

An inverter is a special electronic device with which the power of the main element of the split system, the compressor, is smoothly regulated, which is more favorable for the air conditioner itself. In the on mode, the inverter split system starts to work with increased power in order to quickly provide the desired temperature. But after reaching the set temperature, such a split system does not turn off like a conventional air conditioner, but simply resets the power.

The principle of operation of the inverter split system

The principle of operation of the inverter split system

Thus, a split system with an inverter for a long time not only maintains the desired temperature in the room, but also reduces the noise level, because. the power of the device is also reduced.

Another important detail is that the human ear is designed in such a way that it painfully reacts not to a smooth noise level, but to its jumps, which are inevitable in the operation of an air conditioner that is not equipped with an inverter. That is, having an inverter split system in the house, you will not hear the sounds of the constant turning on and off of the air conditioner.

Why a prudent owner will choose an inverter split system

So, inverter split systems are less noisy and do not turn on and off endlessly, but work smoothly and stably. It is the absence of periodic switching on and off that increases their service life, i.e. they will last longer. In addition, devices with an inverter are characterized by lower starting currents, which is also beneficial for their “health”. And it has a positive effect on the wiring of the house. Those. further reduces the risk of fire or burnout plugs.

Yes, in general, inverter split systems are more expensive than conventional ones, but let’s not forget about the cost of electricity. Devices with an inverter are much more economical and not so voracious. Taking into account that the cost of electricity is growing every year, the payback period of the inverter split system is decreasing all the time.

Well, let’s not forget about comfort!

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