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An innovative solution to the problem of ventilation is the installation of Komfovent DOMEKT air handling units in the house. Devices of this type allow you to create an individual ventilation system for a dwelling.

A variety of installation models

The market is represented by a wide range of climate control equipment. A special niche is occupied by Komfovent DOMEKT ventilation units.

we recommend Komfovent DOMEKT units for apartments and houses

The most widely used are vertical, horizontal and suspended ventilation units. Small external dimensions allow you to install climatic devices anywhere — in the corridor, pantry or attic.

Different in power, principle of operation and appearance, they all create coziness and a comfortable microclimate in the house.

High performance (from 50 to 1000 m3/hour) will provide a room of any volume with fresh clean air.

Advantages of Komfovent DOMEKT

Komfovent DOMEKT ventilation units have a number of advantages:

  • effectively clean the air;
  • significantly reduce the cost of space heating;
  • save energy consumption;
  • have a large resource of work;
  • have high reliability;
  • convenient in operation.

Creating a healthy microclimate is achieved by complete air purification from dust, odors, allergens. Special filters provide antibacterial cleaning and removal of unpleasant smells.

Heating costs are significantly reduced by returning up to 90% of the heat back to the room with purified air. This is made possible by the use of specially designed heat exchangers used in the units.

Energy is saved by EC fan motors and automatic control of the device.

Increased service life and reliability of installations are achieved by strict quality control of both individual parts and the entire assembly of the device. In addition to the factory, each climate control unit is subjected to special laboratory tests.

The operation of the installation is controlled using a remote control. It is enough to manually set the microclimate parameters once, and further work will occur automatically.

What is the advantage of using Komfovent DOMEKT installation in the house

Based on the main advantages of using an air conditioning unit, it is not difficult to draw conclusions about the benefits that the consumer receives.

Firstly. A wide range of devices makes it easy to choose the right option that satisfies all requests.

Secondly. The use of the installation will create an ideal microclimate in the room against the background of effective energy saving.

Thirdly. The installation works automatically. Changing the climatic parameters is possible not only with the remote control, but also via the Internet from your smartphone.

Fourth. Fan units Komfovent DOMEKT have a long service life. The motors are protected from moisture and dust, the housings are made of galvanized steel.

Fifth. The units are practically silent in operation. This is achieved by balancing the fans and the presence of anti-noise insulation in the housings.

we recommend Komfovent DOMEKT units for apartments and houses

The advantages of air conditioning systems do not end there. Our professionals will tell you in detail about their device, principle of operation and capabilities, and will assist in choosing a device for your home. Contact.

Specialists in the field of climate technology recommend using Komfovent DOMEKT units to create a healthy and comfortable indoor microclimate.


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