Why is apartment ventilation necessary?


Nine out of ten owners of apartments or private houses do not pay due attention to the quality of ventilation in their homes, considering this engineering network to be secondary. However, the organization of proper air exchange in residential and auxiliary premises is almost more important than the constant supply of electrical energy or hot water.

Traditionally, to organize the necessary air exchange in the premises, natural supply and exhaust ventilation is used through the main ventilation duct in the sanitary facilities. However, as practice shows, this method is not effective enough.

Residential ventilation rules

The current building codes and sanitary rules clearly fix the air exchange parameters that residential premises must comply with. They are the following:

  • For living rooms, the required air exchange is 30 cubic meters per hour per person.
  • For the kitchen, this parameter is from 60 to 90.
  • For sanitary facilities — 25 cubic meters for a bath and toilet, or 50 cubic meters if the bathroom is combined.

Ventilation in an apartment provides for the influx of fresh air from the street through windows, doors and building structures, followed by its removal through a vertical ventilation shaft due to the difference in pressure and temperature of the air masses. This method of ventilation does not work now, as modern houses are made of vapor-tight materials that disrupt natural air infiltration.

Insufficient ventilation causes the following problems:

  • Accumulation of hazardous combustion products in rooms (carbon monoxide, etc.).
  • The appearance of an unpleasant odor in various rooms and in the apartment as a whole.
  • A significant increase in humidity levels to an uncomfortable level.

According to statistics, every year more than 1,000 people seek medical help due to carbon monoxide poisoning due to violation of the kitchen ventilation rules.

Ways to solve the problem

To organize proper air exchange in modern conditions, it is necessary to use forced ventilation using electrical equipment. Detailed advice on this issue can be obtained from the specialists of our company.


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