Why is a desiccant needed in the production of biscuits and biscuits?

Creating high-quality delicious biscuits and cookies is impossible without maintaining certain climatic conditions in production. The difficulty in this case lies in the fact that the process of preparing confectionery products, packaging finished products, as well as their storage is accompanied by sharp changes in air humidity and temperature.

Why is this a problem? After the confectionery products are removed from the oven, they need time to cool. Then the goods are sent to the packing shop. But since the process of producing biscuits / cookies is faster than packaging — for some time the products are in the «waiting» mode. It is during this period that sweets, which are highly hygroscopic, are most vulnerable to saturation with «excess» moisture.

If there is an increased level of humidity in the biscuit and biscuit factory, this threatens with a number of negative consequences, namely:

damage to the appearance of flour products;

changes in the texture and taste properties of products;

reducing the shelf life of finished confectionery products.

As a result: «raw» sweets are withdrawn from sale, which leads to significant financial losses for the company.

How to effectively and easily deal with high air humidity in the workplace, as well as protect the manufacturer of biscuits and biscuits from unnecessary material waste — read on.

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Dehumidifier — solves the problem of «dampness» in the production of biscuits and biscuits

According to the norms and requirements for the production technology of biscuits, biscuits and other flour products, in the shops where the products are stored until the moment of packaging, the air humidity should be maintained at the level of 30-35% (provided that the external temperature is within 28 ° C). In such conditions, sweets retain a presentable appearance and quality properties.

To create an ideal climate in the production of biscuits / biscuits, special equipment is traditionally installed — industrial air dehumidifiers. This climatic equipment belongs to the category of «smart equipment», which independently maintains the humidity in the room, according to the parameters set by the user. In case of exceeding or decreasing the indicators, the device notifies about this by means of sound / light indicators.

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Additional advantages of installing industrial dehumidifiers in the production of biscuits and biscuits operating at different temperature ranges (1-35°С / 5-35°С / -30-+40°С / -15-+35°С):

100% protection of production shops and warehouses from increasing air humidity;

preventing sweets from turning into unattractive «rubber» products;

prevention of the appearance and spread of harmful formations (fungus, mold);

increase in the shelf life of products both until the moment of packaging and the finished product.

P.S. By the way, to deal with too dry air, special humidifierswhich, unlike dehumidifiers, on the contrary, saturate the atmosphere with the missing amount of moisture.

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