Hitachi Japan­ese refrig­er­a­tors are con­sid­ered the epit­o­me of qual­i­ty and high tech­nol­o­gy. They are dis­tin­guished by a large use­ful vol­ume, con­ve­nient orga­ni­za­tion of space inside and many func­tions.

All over the world, house­wives val­ue Hitachi refrig­er­a­tors for their ease of main­te­nance and oper­a­tion. One of the fea­tures of the equip­ment of this brand is a spe­cial atten­tion to ener­gy sav­ing. All refrig­er­a­tors have an ener­gy-sav­ing mode, a num­ber of mod­els “remem­ber” the habits of users, which also allows you to use elec­tric­i­ty more effi­cient­ly.

Prices for refrig­er­a­tors vary depend­ing on the vol­ume, mod­el, set of func­tions, and range from 62,000 rubles. for clas­sic two-cham­ber mod­els up to 326,000 rubles. for mul­ti-cham­ber refrig­er­a­tors.

Hitachi refrig­er­a­tors are pre­sent­ed in sev­er­al cat­e­gories:

  • two-cham­ber refrig­er­a­tors;

  • mul­ti-cham­ber;

  • side-by-side;

  • big french.


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Pho­to from the site:

Clas­sic two-cham­ber refrig­er­a­tors with No frost tech­nol­o­gy, the mod­el let­ters start with RV or R‑VG. Mod­els are pre­sent­ed in black, white and sil­ver col­ors. Mod­el RV 542 PU3 PBE also avail­able in beige. Some mod­els of two-cham­ber refrig­er­a­tors are equipped with dis­plays for ease of oper­a­tion. They have an invert­er com­pres­sor.

Mul­ti-cham­ber refrig­er­a­tors rep­re­sent­ed by RC, RE and RS mod­els. A dis­tinc­tive fea­ture of these refrig­er­a­tors is that, in addi­tion to the usu­al freez­er and refrig­er­a­tor, there is a vac­u­um com­part­ment. Vac­u­um sep­a­ra­tion ensures long-term stor­age of prod­ucts.

Mod­el R‑C6200U pro­vides a sep­a­rate tem­per­a­ture set­ting inside the vac­u­um com­part­ment. Inside the freez­er, there is a func­tion of quick and deep freez­ing.

Also, mod­els of mul­ti-cham­ber refrig­er­a­tors are equipped with an Aero Care veg­etable stor­age com­part­ment, in which the humid­i­ty lev­el is con­trolled and a pho­to­cat­a­lyst is installed. The space inside is orga­nized for the con­ve­nience of the own­ers — com­part­ments for stor­ing yogurt, eggs, sep­a­rate­ly for but­ter and cheese, for canned food. Sep­a­rate bot­tle rack.

The R‑E6800XU is also equipped with a sen­sor for auto­mat­ic door open­ing.

Hitachi mul­ti-cham­ber refrig­er­a­tors are made in clas­sic shades, as well as with mir­rored doors (tem­pered glass). Equipped with an invert­er com­pres­sor.

Big French Refrig­er­a­tors (let­ter des­ig­na­tions RW) are made with hinged doors open­ing in the cen­ter. There is a water dis­penser out­side. Equipped with an invert­er com­pres­sor, they have a low noise lev­el, despite their large dimen­sions.

Big French refrig­er­a­tors have a dual-use com­part­ment (meat-milk and veg­eta­bles-fruits).

Refrig­er­a­tors pre­sent­ed in two vari­a­tions. RS mod­els are two-door refrig­er­a­tors, RM mod­els are three-door refrig­er­a­tors. The three-door refrig­er­a­tors also have a water dis­penser. The low­er, third door is an inde­pen­dent com­part­ment for stor­ing veg­eta­bles and fruits.

Refrig­er­a­tors of the Side by side series have an invert­er com­pres­sor, LED back­light, and are equipped with a touch con­trol pan­el. Mod­els are pre­sent­ed in unusu­al col­ors: choco­late, sil­ver glass, black glass. The R‑M702AGPU4X is avail­able in Mir­ror Crys­tal and Dia­mond.

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