what is better convector or oil heater

Quite often, people experience a lack of heat in their house or apartment, and therefore think about purchasing additional heaters. The most popular of them today are oil or convector type.

The principle of heating is the same in both — convection. The way air moves is different. And here people are wondering: what is better — a convector or an oil heater? And to understand this, we offer a comparative description of these devices.

How is a convector different from an oil heater?

To compare an oil heater and a convector, consider the advantages and disadvantages of one and the second device.

So, the advantages of an oil heater. They cost less initially and cost less in subsequent maintenance, including on the electricity bill. Such devices require less electricity than other types of heaters. At the same time, they perfectly retain heat in the room for a long time.

Small size and mobility allow you to use the device almost anywhere — even under the table. They are much safer in terms of fires, that is, to prevent a dangerous situation, you do not have to remove all objects around when turning on.

Now consider the advantages of the convector. They heat the air much faster. And if your house has an air vent system, convectors will quickly warm up all available rooms. In this case, the heat will be distributed evenly, in contrast to the use of heaters.

Without an air vent system, convectors do not have this advantage, but still they warm up the room quite quickly.

Now for the disadvantages. First consider disadvantages of oil heaters. As it has already become clear, they heat the room more slowly. First, the oil warms up, and only then does the air begin to heat up. So the process takes longer.

Oil heaters are not good for heating large rooms, unless they are left on all the time, which can lead to a huge electricity bill. In addition, a situation is dangerous when an oil leak occurs. This can cause burns and skin irritation.

Disadvantages of the convector. For them, they come down to the fact that after a certain time after the start of work, they become less effective due to the fact that the heat goes to the ceiling. And if there is a draft in the room, then the recirculation of cold air through the heater can lead to its overheating.

In addition, it is convectors that often cause fires in houses. And they are expensive to maintain due to the high consumption of electricity.

What to choose — a convector or an oil heater?

With the question of which heater is more economical — oil or convector, we decided. Everything is relative here, since in fact the oil “pulls” less electricity from the outlet, but it needs more time for high-quality heating. So both options are economical or not depending on the situation.

An additional advantage of convectors is that wall and skirting models can be what to choose a convector or an oil heaterhang on the wall, replacing them with central heating radiators. This saves floor space and makes cleaning easier.

Both devices are environmentally friendly because they do not burn oxygen, because there is no open flame in any of them. Although they raise dust in the process. Without this, the work of neither one nor the other heater is complete.

The choice of one or another option should be balanced and also based on the service life of the device. In practice, it has already been found out that convectors work without failures longer than oil heaters. And their high cost is justified by this fact.


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