A normal level of moisture is needed not only to ensure the health of children and adults, but furniture, parquet and plants also need a comfortable environment. Therefore, the choice of a humidifier should be taken seriously. Consider which is better steam or ultrasonic humidifier.

Steam humidifier

The principle of operation of this device resembles an ordinary electric kettle. The water that is poured inside boils and is released in the form of steam.

Positive traits:

  • The steam evaporates at a rate of approximately 700 grams of liquid per hour, which is not typical of other species;
  • Steam sterility, does not depend on the purity and quality of water;
  • It is used in medicine as a device for inhalation;
  • Safety. When the lid is not closed tightly, the device will not work, and when all the water in the tank evaporates, the device will turn off;
  • Filters and cartridges are not used, so you do not have to constantly replace them;
  • The presence of an indicator that shows how much water is left;
  • Availability. The prices for steam appliances are much less than for other types.


  • Consumption of a large amount of electricity;
  • The boiling liquid in the device makes a characteristic noise, which can contribute to restless sleep when working at night;
  • Hot steam increases the temperature in the room;
  • This type of humidifier is unacceptable to put in free access to children, you can get burned by hot steam.

Where is it used?

  • It is recommended to use in greenhouses, home corners with flowers, in winter gardens;
  • In medical needs, for inhalation, as well as aromatherapy.

It is also important to know how to properly use a humidifier.

Popular Models

Steam-type air humidifiers of the Swiss brand Boneco have gained wide popularity in the vast Russian market.

Humidifier brand Boneco

The Boneco 2031 tops the company’s product range and is a great buy.

And Stadler Form Fred, in turn, released the F-005EH / F-008EH / F-014H / F-015RH series devices not only to provide comfortable humidity, but also to provide a unique design addition to the interior.

Humidifier brand Stadler Form Fred

Polaris models are also worth attention due to their functionality and design. For example, Polaris PUH 0607 has a remote control, the possibility of air ionization and looks great in the interior.

Humidifier brand Polaris

Ultrasonic Humidifier

This device works on the basis of a complex process (Fig. 1). A special membrane makes vibrations at high frequencies, due to which the water begins to vibrate and breaks into small dust particles. With the help of a fan, these particles are carried out, in this way the humidity in the room increases.

There is an opinion that ultrasound negatively affects humans and animals, but these data are unfounded. According to numerous studies and facts, it has been proven that modern devices are safe and do not affect the body in any way.

Scheme of operation of an ultrasonic device

Fig.1 Detailed diagram of the operation of the ultrasonic humidifier.


  • Low noise level, because the water does not boil or heat up;
  • Safety in use. The steam is cold and this eliminates the possibility of getting burned;
  • Choice of steam temperature, it can be cold, warm or hot;
  • The presence of a rotating steam atomizer, thanks to which you can choose the direction of the jet;
  • The energy consumption of such a device is very small, but this does not prevent it from being the most effective device for humidifying the air;
  • Thanks to the built-in hydrostat, the device automatically turns off when the desired moisture level is reached;
  • Also, the automation turns off the device at the end of the presence of water in the tank.


  • Sensitivity to water quality. During evaporation, all impurities in the water move freely around the room, settling on furniture and other interior items;
  • The need to change filters, which often become clogged.

Where is it used?

  • Due to its safety and low noise level, it is intended to be used in a house where there are children;
  • Just like steam devices, ultrasonic devices are used in greenhouses, winter gardens and home corners;
  • Such devices are also used in rooms where antique items are located that require a special level of moisture. For example, antiques, musical instruments, furniture.

Popular Models

Bork Trademark provides ultrasonic type model HF MUN 2140 BK. It combines low power consumption and affordable price, which is an excellent economical option.

Brand Bork ultrasonic humidifier

Venta-Luftwaescher is a company that has been developing humidifiers for over 20 years. A successful product of this brand is VENTA VS370. The model is easy to use, and thanks to a unique filter, the device purifies water not only from lime impurities, but also from harmful microorganisms.

Brand Venta-Luftwaescher ultrasonic humidifier

The presence of an ozonator in the device POLARIS PUH 0407 makes this brand popular among buyers.

Model PUH 1104

It should also be noted the PUH 1104 model, this is the budget version of the POLARIS company, but it is not much inferior to other products from this manufacturer.

The opinion of Dr. Komarovsky

Komarovsky Evgeny Olegovich draws attention to several factors influencing the choice and determination of which air humidifier is better:

  • Safety;
  • The frequency of its use;
  • What water will be poured into it;
  • The need for additional features.

If the device will be in the nursery, you should pay attention to safety. A steam humidifier differs from an ultrasonic one in the presence of hot steam, so either it must be placed out of the reach of children or opt for an ultrasonic device.

When dry air prevails in the room all the time, especially in winter, it should be noted that the device will work almost around the clock. It is known that steam-type appliances consume a lot of energy, and in this case their use is not rational.

The difference between an ultrasonic humidifier and a steam humidifier is manifested in the sterility of the outgoing steam. A device with ultrasonic humidification, in this regard, leaves a residue on the surfaces. What can not be said about the steam device. Therefore, when determining which air humidifier is better, it should be taken into account that for ultrasonic it is necessary to additionally choose water, and steam kills all microbes and does not remove substances in the water, regardless of its origin.

Many devices for increasing the humidity of the air have many additional functions. Useless, according to Dr. Komarovsky, is the presence of sensors for determining temperature and humidity. These sensors show data that is measurable at the source of moisture, and not near the crib, so they will be unreliable.

The possibility of using a steam device for the purpose of inhalation is also an unnecessary thing. In the presence of a humidifier, the need for inhalations disappears, therefore the importance of this function is denied by Evgeny Olegovich.

Video Tips

In the video provided, we will consider a short overview of this product category, which will help determine which air humidifier is best for the family:


When determining which humidifier is best, there are many factors to consider that have an impact on the individual selection process. It is impossible to give a fundamental advantage to one of these devices, since these two types satisfy different needs and have differences in functionality.

It can be concluded that an ultrasonic humidifier differs from a steam humidifier in greater safety, as well as economy and low noise levels. However, the steam device has the advantage of steam sterility, additional functions of inhalation and aromatherapy, as well as a lower price category.


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