Which heater to buy for the office or home?


With the approach of winter frosts, for many owners of offices and houses, the issue of choosing an additional source of heating becomes more relevant. Barely warm batteries and, accordingly, the lack of a sense of comfort in the room are well known to everyone. Now all this can be avoided by purchasing a high-quality heater in advance. However, it is often quite difficult for a buyer to make a choice, since a large number of names and models are presented on the climate equipment market. What kind of heater to buy for your office or home?

Electric heaters are the most popular product among thermal equipment in our time. This is due to their ease of installation and installation, high performance and degree of safety. The main characteristic when choosing electric heaters is their power. The area that the device can heat depends mainly on it. For a building without a central heating system and a ceiling height of 3 m, it is customary to calculate for every 10 m2 area 1 kW power of the device.

When calculating the power of an electric heater for residential buildings and offices with a central heating system, several factors are taken into account: the location and number of windows, the thickness and thermal insulation of walls, the design of the ceiling between floors. In other words, the power of the device depends on all possible heat losses in the room. Having calculated the approximate power, you can proceed to the choice of the type of electric heater.

The most optimal options for residential premises and offices will be an electric convector, an infrared heater, a mobile air conditioner and a split system or an electric fireplace. Let’s dwell on each of them in more detail.

Electric convector

The device consists of a heating element and a housing. The principle of operation is the natural convection of air. According to the installation method, wall and floor convectors are distinguished, according to their size — high and long.

In addition to additional heating, electric convectors can also serve as the main heating device. With their help, you can quickly heat the air without burning oxygen. Modern models are equipped with timers and thermostats, they work almost silently. Also convectors are simple and absolutely safe in operation. The body of the device does not heat up above 90 degrees, which completely eliminates the possibility of getting burned if accidentally touched. If the power supply fails, the device will restart itself and resume operation in the previous mode.

The only drawback in its operation can be considered only dry air in the room.

Infrared heater

One of the fairly new types of electric heaters. The principle of its operation is very much like the natural heating of the earth by the sun. After the device is plugged into the socket, the quartz lamp begins to emit infrared waves. They carry heat energy, with the help of which the objects in the room are heated. The objects then transfer some of their heat to the air in the room.

In appearance, infrared heaters resemble rectangular panels. Installing them in an office or apartment is very simple. It is enough to mount the device using special fasteners to the ceiling.

The advantage of these heaters is silent operation, fast and uniform heating of the room, as well as economy. They do not dry the air and do not burn oxygen. The disadvantages include the fragility of their main element — a quartz lamp. In addition, the temperature of the protective grid of the lamp is quite high and if you accidentally touch it, you can get burned.

Mobile air conditioner with heating mode and split system

The advantage of mobile air conditioners is quick installation and ease of operation. It is enough just to bring a special hose to the street and plug the device into the socket. Its main disadvantage is the high noise level during operation and the small heating area. Ideal for additional heating of a small office or, for example, a kitchen. In addition, it can always be used for its main purpose — to clean and cool the air.

The problem of high noise level during operation is completely eliminated in split systems. They consist of an external and internal block. The most «noisy» outdoor unit is located outside the room, and the indoor unit can be installed in any convenient place. In addition to silent operation, the advantage of split systems lies in high functionality. With their help, you can provide additional heating for a large office or apartment.

The main advantage of both types of devices is high energy savings, and the disadvantage is a rather high price.

electric fireplace

One of the «oldest» representatives of heating technology. However, new models of electric fireplaces are more like stationary fan heaters. An electric coil is used as a heating element in the device. The built-in fan distributes warm air inside the room.

Although new models of electric fireplaces are equipped with modern heating elements, fans, thermostats and sensors, they cannot provide uniform and fast heating of the air. Their only advantage is their appearance. Honestly, the illusion of burning flames and hot coals can sometimes warm you better than any other heating device.


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