Apartment renovation is always carried out in approximately the same scenario. First, a designer is called who develops an individual project, taking into account the wishes of the client. And then builders are hired to bring to life what is written on paper. Sometimes, in order to save money, the owners of the apartment do everything themselves: the design is chosen from beautiful photos on the Internet, and repairs are carried out following step-by-step instructions.

Both in the first and in the second case, many nuances are taken into account — from drawing up a plan and ending with the choice of materials and colors for each individual room. But these are the main points. And there are also secondary, although no less important. And they are often forgotten not only by the owners of the apartment (if they do the repairs themselves), but even by designers.

Therefore, in this publication we will consider what nuances are usually missed, although it is desirable to implement them nevertheless. At least for a comfortable and cozy life.

1. Ventilation system

The natural ventilation system in the apartments leaves much to be desired. And that’s putting it mildly. And after the installation of sealed plastic windows, only one name remains from such a ventilation system. Yes, it is, but that’s where it ends.

Ventilation system

For some reason, almost no one remembers ventilation during repair work. And does not offer any solution to this problem. Apparently, people like to breathe stuffy, dusty and unhealthy air. Or they simply do not understand that poor health, loss of efficiency and constant colds are the result of poor ventilation. The air contains too high a concentration of harmful microorganisms, and it is not discharged anywhere. And fresh from the street also does not come. Hence all the problems.

If you do not belong to this category of people, then you must act immediately. We recommend ordering the design of the ventilation system before the start of repair work, as it is carried out at one of the first stages, and not when everything is ready.

What exactly to choose is a secondary matter. But there will be no difficulties with this, because the market offers many inexpensive solutions for the home. For example, there are household:

  • fans (exhaust, duct, reversible);
  • ventilators;
  • recuperators.

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Heat exchanger material:
copper |

Wall module diameter, mm:
150 |

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95 |

Ventilation in apartments

Much of the choice comes down to your budget. We recommend installing a domestic heat exchanger, as it is the most effective solution. If the budget is limited, you can get by with an ordinary fan or ventilator. They are cheaper and easier to install.

2. Air conditioning system

It would seem that air conditioning today is a common thing. They are used everywhere: in apartments, private houses, offices. And even in large enterprises. But in practice, everything is different.

Air conditioning system

It is enough just to go outside and look at nearby houses. How many external blocks «hanging» under the windows? One, two, and that’s where the counting ends. Although there are at least 36 apartments in one entrance in a 9-storey building. And for such a number of apartments, there are only a couple of air conditioners.

Why is that? Yes, because many people forget about it. Again. Or they consider it a useless thing, which, in principle, is not needed. But there are two irrefutable facts here.

Firstly, with air conditioning in the room it is really more comfortable to be. You yourself could see this for yourself when you went to shops, banks or somewhere else. Immediately at the entrance, pleasant cold air blows, and it feels like you are entering another world (especially when it is hot summer outside).

Secondly, air conditioning is an absolutely affordable device for everyone. You can always find an inexpensive split system with minimal functionality. And even with it, the microclimate in the apartment will become much better.

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Compressor type:
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Indoor unit type:
wall |

Heating power, kW:
2.35 |

Cooling power, kW:
2.25 |

Min. heating temperature, °C:
-7 |

The air conditioner is an absolutely accessible device for everyone

When planning to make repairs in the apartment, each of us wants to create the most comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Is not it? Therefore, we recommend that you always install an air conditioner whenever possible.

But keep in mind one simple nuance: in order for the climate technology to work without interruption, it must be correctly installed. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you entrust the installation of the air conditioning system to professionals. There is nothing difficult in this — everyone can find good specialists.

3. Water filters

At a minimum, a turnkey apartment renovation always includes the replacement of faucets, sinks, bathrooms and other plumbing fixtures. In some cases, plumbing pipes are changed. Yes, everything is correct here. But, creating in the kitchen and in the bathroom all the conditions for the uninterrupted supply of drinking water, people forget about the most important thing — its quality. Why? It is hard to say.

Water filters

One thing is known for sure: the quality of drinking water, which is supplied from the pipeline in Kyiv, leaves much to be desired. It contains bleach, an excessive amount of hardness salts and other substances that are completely unnecessary there. Although in other cities of Ukraine the situation is no better.

Yes, this is a problem. But there is no need to put up with it — especially since there is an elementary way to solve it. We recommend installing a water filter — that’s all. What exactly is a secondary matter. But there will always be something to choose from, since the market offers many different solutions for every color and taste:

  • pitcher filters;
  • flow filters;
  • reverse osmosis systems.

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for cooking, for drinking, suitable for babies |

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98 |

Number of steps, pcs.:
6 |

The most affordable are jugs. Even with their purchase, the total cost of repairing an apartment will not change in any way — they are so cheap. And if you have a budget, you can take an effective reverse osmosis system. For example, from the Ukrainian manufacturer Ecosoft, which sells its products at affordable prices.

The filter will daily purify the supplied water from mechanical impurities (sand, silt, rust), from chlorine and organochlorine compounds. It will reduce the amount of hardness salts, making it softer and tastier. You can even buy a filter with a mineralizer so that it saturates the water with mineral elements. And then it will be not only clean, but also healthy.

The filter will daily purify the supplied water from mechanical impurities.

If you are investing in a complete remodeling of the kitchen and bathroom (with the change of plumbing pipes), then you should not forget about the filter. After all, only in this case the money will be spent not in vain. And if you don’t want to buy a filter, then ask yourself one simple question: what is the point in all this work if polluted and unhealthy water is supplied from the tap?

4. Special means for the safety of housing

Any apartment renovation master will tell you that after all the work is completed, you need to take care of the safety of your own home. For example, install an anti-flood system. Agree, it will be very unpleasant when, after a couple of months after the repair, the neighbors from above flood you. With them it will be possible to swear, sue and demand compensation, but the fact remains: brand new property will be lost.

Flood in square

And no one guarantees that the whole thing will be decided in your favor. Perhaps the flood will not happen because of the neighbors, but simply because the old pipe burst. Perhaps they will not have the money and the payment of compensation will be delayed for years. And even if everything is successfully decided in your favor, you will again have to make repairs. And this is again wasting your personal time, again living in a dusty and noisy room, or moving out somewhere for the time of repair work ….

We recommend ordering a flood protection installation. This service will save you from all these problems. It looks like a trifle, but how much use from it, right? Yes, and it costs purely symbolically — especially if you consider what losses it can prevent.

Recommend product

You can also install special fire prevention equipment. The meaning is the same here. If something can be prevented, especially for little money, it must be done. Indeed, in the event of a fire or the same flood, the losses will be huge.

Home security equipment

Just keep in mind that apartment renovation companies usually do not provide such services. In this case, you will have to contact specialized companies. You can buy the same anti-flood system yourself, but its installation must be entrusted to professionals. Otherwise, it may not work, and there will be no sense from it.

5. Burglar alarm

A brand new apartment renovation always attracts intruders. How they find out about it — history is silent. But the statistics are sad: most of the unauthorized penetrations are carried out precisely in newly renovated apartments. Apparently, the attackers think that since the owners have made repairs, they have money. Or, at least, in the apartment itself there is always something to eat. And usually their flair on this score does not fail.

Security alarm

Agree, it would be extremely unpleasant to come home one day and realize that the apartment was robbed. The damage can be no less than from a fire or a flood. And since it is necessary to install special means to prevent these situations, then you should also think about protection against the penetration of uninvited guests.

To ensure the safety of the apartment, we recommend installing a reliable security system. For example, from the company Ajax, which is one of the leaders in the Ukrainian market. By installing all kinds of sensors (on doors, windows), you will instantly know that someone is trying to get inside the home. And then it only remains to act according to the situation. Or you can arrange in advance with a security company that will come to your home after receiving an alarm signal.

Recommend product

Security system from Ajax

By the way, some burglar alarm kits include fire and flood sensors. Thus, you can refuse to buy individual special tools — and simply purchase a comprehensive solution for maximum home security.

Who to entrust the repair of an apartment in Kyiv?

Who to entrust the repair of an apartment in Kyiv?

If you are going to renovate an apartment in Kyiv, delegate tasks to different contractors. This is the best option. At the same time, contact proven companies that have been operating on the market for at least 5 years. You should not hire a separate specialist, even if he knows everything about apartment renovation. A team of professionals is one thing, but a single master is completely different. Yes, it will be more expensive, but qualitatively and without surprises.

As for the items listed above (installation of ventilation, air conditioning, water filter), construction companies do not do this. In this case, you can contact us at Vencon. This is just our profile.

We take care of all engineering solutions, and you just need to choose the right equipment (fan, air conditioner, etc.). Although if there are difficulties with the choice, our consultants will help you with this.


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