There are many heating systems on the market that use different methods of heat transfer. Infrared devices are in great demand. One of the variations of such heating devices is a picture-heater. What it is, and how expedient it is to buy such a device, we will consider below.

What it is

The film mechanism is presented in the form of a picturesque image and works on the basis of infrared radiation. The canvas resembles an ordinary canvas with an average thickness of about 3 mm (maximum 8 mm). And the radiation is created carbon threadsunder the eco-film. The device operates with the help of electricity and heats not the air, but nearby objects.

The smallest size of such paintings is 90×60 cm. The most common version is 120×60.

Heater in the form of a picture

The heating picture connected to electricity heats up a little. But if you touch the decor with your hand, you will feel warmth only at the beginning, and then you immediately feel room temperature. Worked out automatic shutdown, so getting a burn is unrealistic. The system is designed in such a way that at the slightest pressure on the tracks located under the canvas, their functioning stops. Thus, the web is protected from overheating and breakage.

The principle of operation of the picture-heater is borrowed from the sun. Like all other infrared heaters, the picture does not heat the air, but the interior items that are around it. And already from these objects heat is transferred into the air. The feeling will be as if you are sitting under the warm sun.

The theme of the images is the most diverse: landscapes, still lifes, animals, cities, children’s themes, abstraction and much more. For every taste and for every interior solution.

Variety of images

Most often, manufacturers offer wall heaters in the form of small panels with two wooden planks on the sides, where conventional printing is applied with a fabric base. However, there are more expensive models in the form of full-fledged paintings with silver particles on the canvas, in a massive decorative frame, which outwardly do not differ from the real ones.

Main advantages

The main advantage of infrared heaters compared to oil radiators, electric fans or convectors is energy savings of 40-60%. Although in all their characteristics they are full-fledged sources of heat.

  1. Compactness and ease of installation — such a panel can be hung anywhere on the wall next to the outlet or easily rolled up and hidden. Their weight does not exceed 1 kg, sizes can vary — from 90 * 60 to 200 * 60 cm, thickness — 1-3 mm.
  2. This type of electrical appliance will be able to warm up 5 times faster than a simple electric one, since carbon has a much higher conductivity compared to metal.
  3. High work efficiency — over 90%.
  4. These film heaters can be classified as environmentally friendly, since they do not require the combustion of oxygen and do not dry out the air.
  5. Wall products also have favorable therapeutic properties — infrared waves with a length of 7-20 microns warm up a 2-3 cm layer of the human body and thus have a positive effect on health.
  6. Do not overheat, which allows you to keep them in working condition almost constantly.
  7. Silence and fire safety, can work in rooms with high humidity.
  8. Safety for children — you can not be afraid to get burned, because when your hand comes into contact with the surface of the device, it instantly cools down.
  9. Reliability and durability. Do not fail with voltage drops.
  10. They work absolutely silently.
  11. High quality devices along with a very affordable price (from 1000 rubles and more).

good warmth warms the room

Shortcomings in work

The main negative aspect of the functioning of the picturesque heater is its low power. It’s no secret that to heat a room of 10 square meters. m will help installation with a capacity of 1 kW. Picture heaters are suitable for small spaces. You should not expect a comfortable temperature in the hall or bedroom from a small picture.

The picture heater cannot raise the thermometer by 7-10 degrees. In principle, it is possible to place the canvas in such a way that the radiation heats up the seating area. But on the bed, it is more efficient to warm up from a heated sheet or a blanket. If you still try to quickly heat the room with a film device, you will need to hang all the walls with such pictures, and it’s not a fact that there will be enough free outlets.

film heaters on the wall

How to make the right choice

In fact, it makes no sense to use heating paintings for the purpose of self-heating. But making the room temperature more comfortable is possible. Also, film heaters will fit for pleasant evenings in cloudy weather in the country or at home in the off-season, when the heating has not yet been turned on. Some take wall-mounted heaters traveling around cities and countries.

One infrared canvas with a power of 0.5 kW is designed for 10 square meters. m. For a larger area, you will need more paintings.

When buying such a device, you should pay attention to the material from which the upper and lower bars are made. Thanks to them, the pattern does not fit snugly against the wall and provides fire safety. The best option for such plates would be natural wood, not covered with paint and varnish chemistry. Glued laminated timber is also not recommended. It will emit toxic odors.

picture heater

A good option for paintings-heaters will be thermostatic devices. So it is possible to choose the temperature level and not risk overheating. And in the event of a voltage drop, the regulator helps the wall heater to turn itself off.

Today, retail outlets sell heater paintings from different manufacturers. Products of the Velvet Season, TRIO, Dobroe Teplo, etc. brands are considered to be sold out more. The cost of a standard heating cloth is about 1000 rubles.

When choosing a wall heater in the form of a picture, be sure to pay attention to availability of a certificate of compliance of the device with electrical safety requirements.Since today there are many unscrupulous handicraft industries offering inexpensive and low-quality products.

How to post

An excellent place to place a warm picture would be the wall behind the armchair or next to the desk. Often a person who works for a long time sits at the table, forgets about the cold, but feels uncomfortable. In this case, a picture that sends heat using infrared rays will help. You can hang the canvas on the balcony. Naturally, the device will not raise the temperature, but it will be able to warm.

Heater application

For maximum effect, manufacturers recommend fixing them near the window to prevent cold air from entering the room.

Technical indicators:

  • Power — 350-500 watts.
  • Surface temperature — maximum 60-75 ºС.
  • Voltage — 220 V.
  • The working time resource is an average of 50,000 hours.
  • Weight — up to 1 kg.

Are these heaters dangerous?

Looking through user reviews about the operation of warming pictures, you can see information about cases of device fires. To prevent such an incident from happening, it is worth refusing to buy Chinese products. Cheap goods without a certificate do not guarantee quality work. You also need to follow simple rules for operation:

  • it is necessary to store heated canvases by folding the product into a tube; it is forbidden to fold them in the form of a scarf;
  • you can not lie down on the canvas or cover it with anything from above;
  • the inclusion of the device in a non-deployed form is excluded;
  • it is dangerous to dry things with film sheets and place them in a closet;
  • it is unacceptable to leave flat heaters in rooms with high air humidity for a long period.


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