The compressor of a conventional air conditioner runs at a constant power. When the set temperature is reached, it turns off, after a while it turns on again. In this mode of operation, sharp temperature fluctuations are inevitable.

The inverter is an electronic device that allows you to smoothly adjust the power of the compressor. When turned on, the inverter air conditioner starts to work with increased power in order to reach the set temperature faster. After reaching the set temperature, it does not turn off like a conventional air conditioner. By reducing the power, the inverter air conditioner maintains the desired temperature in the room for a long time.

What is an inverter

Due to the fact that the inverter-type air conditioner operates at low power most of the time, it makes less noise. Its sound causes much less discomfort also because our ear reacts more sharply not to constant noise, but to its jumps. It also has the advantage of lower starting current, which is especially important when using a large number of air conditioners in buildings with poor wiring.

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Air conditioners with an inverter are more expensive than conventional ones, but they consume electricity more economically and are more durable, since the main wear of the compressor occurs at the time of start-up. So for long-term operation, using an inverter air conditioner can be even more cost-effective than using a conventional air conditioner.

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