What is an air washer and how does it work?

An air purifier is an electrical device that improves indoor air quality. It traps solid particles such as dust, pollen or smoke and humidifies the air. If you let it work for a while, you will breathe better at home.

The air washer is ideal for people who are sensitive to dust. It is also suitable for overheated rooms where the air is very dry.

  • An air purifier is a device that can remove dust and pollen from the air.
  • Air washing does not help against bacteria, fungi and viruses.
  • It is especially appreciated by allergy sufferers, as it humidifies the air and captures solid particles from it.
  • Although it will not replace a quality air purifier with filters, it is less noisy.

How does an air washer work?

The air washer requires water to operate — fill it up before starting. The wet discs then rotate inside the washing machine, through which the purified air passes. These discs collect dust from the air, while water moistens it at the same time.

A small fan allows air to flow in and out of the washing machine. Some washing machines also contain an ionizerHow an air washer workswhich adds healthy negative ions to the air.

An air purifier will create a cleaner, moister and healthier climate in your home.

Air washers have their limitations.

However, despite all the advantages, air washer has certain limitations. While they remove dust from the air, they cannot handle fine pollen, bacteria, viruses, or fungi.

An air washer does not filter the air in any way — an air conditioner or an air purifier can. So air washes can relieve allergy sufferers, but they do not completely solve their problems.

As an option, you will have to look for models that are additionally equipped with various filters — carbon, HEPA filter, pre-filter.

In contrast, air washing is cheap, not noisy and does not require much electricity. And it works great as a humidifier. In the living room or in the bedroom, she can work quietly until late at night or until the morning.

How does an air washer work?


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