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If dampness and mold have started up in your house, and metal products have become rusty in the industrial workshop, this can only mean one thing — the humidity in the rooms is too high. Moving to regions with dry air or a dehumidifier can save the situation.

Let’s not make hasty decisions and, before packing our bags, let’s figure out what kind of beast this dehumidifier is.

A dehumidifier is a device that removes moisture from the air using various technologies. For example, a number of dehumidifiers work like a conventional air conditioner, condensing water vapor. Others adsorb water using a special disk that has to be replaced periodically. And finally, models that remove moist air from the room and replace it with drier ones are quite common.

Dehumidifiers are domestic and industrial, differing in performance. If the devices installed in the apartment absorb about 50 liters of water per day, often purifying the air from dust along the way, then industrial models “master” water with thousands of liters daily. In addition, there are special dehumidifiers for pools and saunas. This equipment is necessary to ensure that visitors feel comfortable in these establishments.

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Additional functions that some models of dehumidifiers are equipped with allow maintaining the desired humidity in the premises, which is especially important for ensuring certain technological processes, the preservation of art objects, or, for example, for the correct course of treatment of certain diseases. In this case, the dehumidifier is an indispensable thing.

You can choose a mobile or stationary dehumidifier: the first can move on wheels from one room to another, and the second can hang motionless on the ceiling. By the way, manufacturers have different approaches to the design of this equipment, so everyone can find something that will successfully fit into the interior. It is difficult to talk about industrial premises in this aspect — performance is still the main thing here, however, and such dehumidifiers look quite elegant.

So, a dehumidifier is a device that makes being indoors more comfortable, and for a number of objects without such equipment it is impossible to carry out effective activities.

If you decide that you need such a device, read on — how to choose an air dryer.

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