Air dryers are used to regulate the microclimate. This question is relevant both for people and for the situation, whether it is a residential or industrial area.

A dehumidifier is a device that reduces the humidity in a room. Clean, moderately dry air is not only human health, but also the safety of the situation in the room.

Some believe that the installed air conditioners successfully cope with the drying of the air. Unfortunately, this opinion is wrong. The role of the air conditioner is different, as well as the functions it performs, air dehumidification is a «side effect».

The advantages of an air dryer in comparison with other climatic equipment are as follows:

  • compactness (small-sized, light);
  • universal design (adapted to work in any conditions, whether it is a living room or a basement);
  • extended range of functions (air purification, etc.);
  • application efficiency.

It can be seen from the diagram of the dehumidifier that the excess moisture contained in the air is removed.

Air dryer operation diagram

What are air dryers?

The classification of air dryers is represented by a fairly wide range. Firstly, they have a difference in the principle of operation. The most common dehumidifiers are adsorption, condensing and working according to the assimilation method.

Secondly, they are subdivided according to their intended purpose — household and industrial. A separate group consists of dehumidifiers for rooms with very high humidity (pools, saunas, water parks).

Thirdly, a significant difference in the installation method:

  • floor;
  • wall;
  • universal;
  • hidden.

The first three positions in the list are most relevant for household dehumidifiers.

Increased interest is caused by universal devices. They can be placed on the floor as well as on the wall with equal success.

Wall mounted dehumidifier

What are air dryers used for?

There is always moisture in the air. The harm that it brings is measured not only in monetary terms, but also in health.

Many are familiar with the picture of «weeping» windows, wet wallpaper, mold spots under the ceiling and in the corners of the room. In such a room it is difficult to breathe even for an adult. What if there is a small child in it? Permanent illnesses, nervous breakdowns, a feeling of loss of vitality — this is not a complete list of the effects of high humidity air on a person.

All this can be easily avoided. Just buy a dehumidifier. This device in a short time will bring the microclimate of the home into proper condition. And most importantly, will constantly keep it under control.

Moreover, many modern dehumidifiers are able not only to remove moisture from it, but also to purify and even destroy bacteria. For this purpose, the devices are equipped with filters and UV lamps.

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What is the purpose of household dehumidifiers?

This group of devices is designed to dehumidify domestic premises and control the humidity content in them. Residential premises include:

  • living rooms;
  • utility rooms;
  • garages;
  • cellars;
  • cellars.

These rooms are most susceptible to the content of moist air in them. Where does it come from? There are many ways to humidify the air.

Consequences of improper window installation

Condensate. Most often it is formed with improper installation of windows, freezing of walls, poor ventilation of the home. The consequences of such a phenomenon are deplorable — fungus, mold.

Human activity. Not everyone knows that each of us emits almost 1 liter of moisture with exhaled air per day. If it is not removed in a timely manner, we already know what results this leads to.

Weather. In spring and autumn, especially when the central heating does not work, excess moisture is felt not only on the street, but also indoors.

natural features. Increased air humidity is constantly felt by those who live near a river, lake or near the sea.

One conclusion can be drawn — it is necessary to fight with high humidity. For this purpose, the ideal solution would be to purchase a household dehumidifier. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account many parameters of the device, its characteristics and functionality.

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Where are industrial dehumidifiers used?

Duct air dryer

Industrial dehumidifiers are used to dry large volumes of air. They have been widely used:

  • in production;
  • various warehouses;
  • drying chambers;
  • museums;
  • archives;
  • Food Industry.

The list can be continued indefinitely. Wherever stringent requirements are placed on the composition and special characteristics of the air, industrial dehumidifiers are used.

In comparison with domestic, they have significant differences. First, they differ in size and performance. Secondly, there are significant differences in the principle of operation.

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A dehumidifier is an essential device for creating a healthy microclimate in residential and utility rooms. Strengthening of health, safety of surrounding things and materials depends on air humidity. Only a dehumidifier is capable of maintaining it within the limits necessary for this.


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