In recent years, cooking on an open fire has become more and more popular. Many restaurants and cafes offer their visitors kebabs, hot-smoked fish, and a variety of oriental dishes. To prepare these dishes, special devices are needed — barbecues, smokehouses, tandoors and similar ovens, which are much more fire hazardous than traditional electric or gas stoves and ovens.

In order to minimize the risk of fire and remove combustion products released into the air, hydrofilters are additionally installed in kitchens — devices for cooling and purifying air, as well as protecting ventilation systems from sparks.

  • Hydrofilter device

  • How a hydrofilter works

  • Installing a hydrofilter

Hydrofilter device

Most often, hydraulic filters are made of stainless steel. Models without the function of changing the direction of flow are arranged as follows:

  1. sealed housing

  2. Water spray system

  3. Mesh Spark Filters

  4. Grease trapping labyrinth filters

  5. Dehumidification system

  6. Water pressure sensor

  7. Clutch for draining contaminated water.

Additionally, hydraulic filters can be equipped with built-in automation for convenient control, as well as a closed water circuit with an additional cleaning system.

How a hydrofilter works

The main task of the hydrofilter is to protect the premises from fire as efficiently as possible, to qualitatively purify the air from soot, grease and unpleasant odors, and also to cool the air flow. This is especially true for catering establishments located in residential apartment buildings. Additionally, the hydrofilter prevents the deposition of grease on the walls of the air ducts, which means that they can be serviced less frequently.

Wet cleaning and cooling of air is carried out using a water curtain, and mechanical cleaning takes place in the filters.

Modern hydraulic filters guarantee:

  • Spark extinction: 100%

  • Fat removal: up to 90%

  • Smoke and soot removal: up to 100%

  • Odor removal: 30-50%

  • Air cooling: up to 40⁰С.

After the hydrofilter, the air can be taken outside through the exhaust ventilation system.

Installing a hydrofilter

The hydraulic filter is always installed in a horizontal position. It crashes into the exhaust ventilation system near the heating equipment that produces hot air. Depending on the specific situation, the hydraulic filter can be placed on the floor or mounted on a power frame above it, hung under the ceiling or on the wall, on a bracket.

Hydrofilters can be installed in the ventilation system with both round and rectangular air ducts. In addition, the filter must be connected to a cold water supply system with sufficient pressure or an additional pump must be installed to provide the necessary pressure in the network. To drain the waste water, the hydraulic filter must be connected to the sewer.

In order for the hydraulic filter to work efficiently and without failures, it is advisable to entrust its installation and installation to qualified specialists.

The article was prepared with the help of Euroventgroup specialists.

Source: TopClimat.com


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