There are many situations where gate valves may be required. But in order to choose them correctly, you need to understand what they are, what they can be used for and what types exist. Wedge gate valves ZKS can be bought online. Below we will talk about what valves are and consider their main types.

What are gate valves?

A gate valve is an instrument whose function is to raise or open a vane to allow fluid to pass through. These gates or sashes can be round or rectangular. They have a seal that is achieved by placing the disk in two distributed areas. The edges of this may be parallel or wedge-shaped.

Wedge gate valves ZKS

How does a gate valve work?

When the valve is open, the plug fits into the valve lip, leaving a hole the same size as the pipe it is installed in, although there are full bore and reduced bore valves.

In what cases is the valve used?

Gate valves are generally used when a straight flow or minimal flow restriction is required.

What types of valves are there?

Gate valves are generally classified as ascending stem and non-opposing stem valves. The former are used when it is important to quickly know whether it is open or closed, in case the stem and flapper may be damaged due to contaminating or corrosive fluids that pass through them.

Benefits of using gate valves

One of the important features of gate valves is that they have a greater capacity than other options. In addition, they are very economical tools. They are easy to handle because their design and operation are designed for that purpose.

Thus, valves:

  • have an effective hermetic seal;

  • inexpensive;

  • offer very simple controls;

  • offer little resistance to circulation.

Disadvantages of using valves or in what situations it is not convenient to use them

Valves are not recommended when throttling is your goal, when you need water flow that is very easy to handle, or when you want to have a control tool.

Main disadvantages:

  • creating cavitation with low pressure drop;

  • it takes a lot of strength to drive.

If it is already clear to you that valves are exactly what you need, get access to a good, complete, high-quality and inexpensive catalog in which you can evaluate various valve options.

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