Waste oil furnaces


Waste oil furnace — a professional heating device that runs on very energy-intensive and practically free fuel. Waste machine oils are drained by the ton from engines, transmissions, hydraulic systems, and used edible oils are left in huge quantities in the deep fryers of fast food restaurants and factories that make chips or popcorn.

The regeneration of used oils is unprofitable, and their disposal is a complex and expensive process. Therefore, used oils are often simply thrown away, causing great environmental damage. An oil-fired oven is a great solution to this problem. By installing such a device, you not only get a source of cheap heat, but also solve the problem of waste oil disposal.

An oil recovery furnace can usually use other types of fuel — diesel fuel, kerosene, fuel oil. There are also waste oil furnaces equipped with a gas burner. The ability to work on other types of fuel makes it possible to ensure the continuous operation of the furnace for oil extraction when there are interruptions in the supply of the main fuel.

How does an oil oven work?

How does an oil-fired oven use fuel that normally does not burn at all? To do this, the used oil is preheated to over 500°C. In this case, not only its evaporation occurs, but also thermal cracking. Cracking is the process by which large, heavy oil molecules break down into smaller, lighter components. So, from non-combustible oil in the furnace, a highly combustible gas is formed during mining.

To turn used oil into combustible gas, most furnaces use a red-hot metal or ceramic bowl into which the oil is dripped. At the same time, most of the non-combustible and non-evaporable impurities, for example, metal microparticles, remain in the bowl, which is easy to remove and clean, and does not settle in the form of soot and soot in the channels of heat exchangers and chimneys. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, oil-fired ovens are not that difficult to maintain.

Although oil-fired furnaces burn the gas formed during the cracking process, due to their high heat output, they emit a large amount of combustion products, in particular carbon dioxide. Therefore, they use only closed combustion chambers that require a chimney connection.

Oil recovery furnaces — brands and manufacturers

The waste oil furnace is a relatively new device on the world market. Interest in this unusual type of fuel arose due to rising prices for electricity and energy carriers and increased attention to environmental issues. Currently, the most well-known companies producing heat guns, heat generators and oil-burning furnaces are:

  • the Dutch company Thermoblile, which offers heat generators and furnaces for waste oil and diesel fuel;
  • American company Master, which manufactures waste oil furnaces and heat guns;
  • the German company Kroll, which produces oil-burning furnaces and multi-fuel heat generators.

Waste Oil Furnaces Master

Waste Oil Furnaces Master work practically on all types of engine oil and diesel fuel. Waste oil furnaces Master are equipped with an electronic control system that allows you to automatically select the optimal operating mode, control the air temperature in the room and fuel consumption.

Kroll oil recovery furnaces

Kroll oil recovery furnaces operate on mineral and synthetic oils and their mixtures with diesel fuel. Due to the design features of the Kroll oil recovery furnaces, they cannot operate on pure diesel fuel, and the fuel mixture must contain at least 25% oil. An interesting technical solution is the unification with Kroll waste oil heat guns, which differ from furnaces only in the built-in fan unit. This facilitates the organization of service and provision of spare parts.

Where to buy a waste oil stove and what is the price?

If you have chosen a waste oil heat generator for heating a warehouse or production facility, you can buy it in our online store. Waste oil furnace price is quite high, but, as practice shows, with intensive use, it pays for itself in a few months. We offer you these devices at the lowest prices, and we can also deliver them within the city. For terms of delivery to other regions and detailed information about the product, check with our consultants by phone or by filling out an application on the website.


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