The bulky cast-iron central heating radiators that once fitted the vast majority of residential or work spaces are being replaced by elegant, neat and efficient models, such as Insolo steel panel radiators. We will describe in detail their capabilities and areas of application.

Steel panel radiators Insolo are made of carbon steel, they are impeccable in quality and performance. Specialists deservedly refer Insolo to the group of inexpensive and at the same time reliable radiators. At the same time, Insolo is cheaper than its German counterparts by 20-30%, and in terms of quality it is quite worthy competition to them.

It is worth saying a few words about the plant that produces Insolo radiators. The enterprise is about four years old, it is equipped with modern automated equipment, which minimizes the influence of the human factor, and, consequently, minimizes the number of defects. High-tech production, located in a region that is inexpensive in terms of labor and energy resources, allows you to get a good product at a low cost. The Egoplast company, which supplies Insolo radiators to the Russian market, is confident in their quality and gives a ten-year warranty for these products. This is a rather serious period, given the specifics of Russian heating networks. Of course, the warranty is valid under the conditions that are described in the product passport: compliance with the technical characteristics of the system (coolant, pressure, etc.) and installation of the radiator by a specialist who has permits for construction and installation work.

The Insolo radiator is ideal for heating private houses and cottage settlements with autonomous heating, business centers and office buildings with their own boiler rooms. The use in such buildings is due to the constant presence of a coolant in the heating system and stable pressure.

High heat dissipation. This main characteristic directly depends on the area of ​​the heating surface, which is quite large for Insolo.

Possibility to adjust the temperature. The Insolo steel radiator allows you to regulate the temperature in the room entrusted to it: valve-type radiators are equipped with a thermostatic head, which will allow you to control the microclimate in the house with an accuracy of up to a degree.

Wide size range. A huge advantage of Insolo steel panel radiators is their wide range of sizes: height from 30 to 90 cm and length from 40 cm to 3 m. Such a variety of sizes makes it possible to perfectly fit the radiator into the interior. The depth can also vary, so the owner can choose a radiator for any needs, individually for each room.

Low cost. This quality becomes noticeable not in itself, but in comparison with other representatives of the family of radiators. For example, with aluminum and bimetallic (cast iron models, although they are in some demand, but, according to experts, they are gradually being squeezed out of the market).

Let’s compare the cost of heat produced by different radiators. We take the Insolo radiator (type 22, with side connection, 500 mm high and 1000 mm long) as the basis for comparison. The heat output of such a radiator is 1881 W, the retail price at the time of writing is about 3900 rubles. The price of a European-made aluminum radiator similar in heat dissipation (500 mm high, consisting of 10 sections) averages 5,000 rubles (heat dissipation of one section is 180–190 W). As you can see, the price for 1 W of heat transfer from a steel radiator is 2.07 rubles. (3900 rubles / 1881 W), for an aluminum radiator — 2.63 rubles. (5000 rubles / 1900 W); bimetallic radiators are even more expensive. That is, the heat from the Insolo steel panel radiator is about 27% cheaper than from aluminum.

In this case, one more nuance should be taken into account: Insolo steel panel radiators are equipped with plugs and an air vent, and radiators with side connection are supplied with brackets for mounting the radiator on the wall. For aluminum radiators, components, as a rule, need to be purchased additionally.

Consider a real example of heating a small country house. The project included Italian-made aluminum radiators 500 mm high and 100 mm deep:

  • 6-section — 5 pcs. (heat dissipation of each 1119 W), price for 1 radiator — 3000 rubles;

  • 7-section — 6 pcs. (heat dissipation of each 1398 W), price for 1 radiator — 3500 rubles;

  • 12-section — 2 pcs. (heat dissipation of each 2089 W), price for 1 radiator — 6000 rubles.

The cost of components for radiators is about 150 rubles. per set. The retail price of all radiators with accessories is 49,950 rubles.

And here is how the estimate for a similar project looks like, in which Insolo radiators are used (type 22, 500 mm high and 104 mm deep):

  • 500×600 — 5 pcs. (heat dissipation of each 1129 W), the price for a radiator is about 2500 rubles;

  • 500×800 — 6 pcs. (heat dissipation of each 1505 W), the price for a radiator is about 3200 rubles;

  • 500×1200 — 2 pcs. (heat dissipation of each 2257 W), the price for a radiator is about 4600 rubles.

The retail price of all radiators with accessories is 40,900 rubles. Thus, the benefit for the consumer using steel panel radiators is 9050 rubles.

Easy to use. The steel panel radiator is simple and unpretentious in leaving. The owner only needs to regularly carry out air bleed measures, make sure that the coolant is constantly present in the system, and the pressure does not exceed 10 bar. This is enough to enjoy inexpensive and aesthetic warmth at any time of the year.

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Source: Egoplast company


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