Wall-mounted economical electric heaters

In the cold season, not all houses, apartments and offices have a central heating system. Often we need to heat the room with the help of an individual device — a heater. Such devices are different — these are gas heaters, and appliances that run on electricity, and fireplaces heated with wood and coal.

In our article we will talk about the electric type of heaters, which are also divided into several types. Depending on the location, they can be wall, floor and ceiling, as well as portable (mobile). As for wall-mounted electric heaters, they are the most economical and compact, since they practically do not occupy usable space.

Types of wall-mounted electric heaters

So, here are the types of such devices that exist:

  1. Oil Wall Mounted Electric Heaters — are a more convenient analogue of the well-known bulky oil coolers. They are inexpensive and relatively economical. However, at the same time, oil heaters tend to burn oxygen, as a result of which, after a while, the room becomes stuffy. Because of this, some more expensive models are equipped with humidifiers.
  2. Thermal Wall Electric Heaters — they are also called fan heaters, and in the people they are also called «duikas». They are very compact, have a low weight and appropriate dimensions. Such fans are completely safe, since they heat the air only up to 40 ° C and have a shutdown function in case of an accidental fall. Fan heaters are good for heating small rooms, but in spacious rooms, and when it’s cold outside, they have low efficiency. In addition, they are quite noisy due to the operation of the fan and raise dust into the air, which, when burned, leads to the appearance of a characteristic smell. Ceramic models of thermal heaters are considered more “advanced”, in which dust does not burn, and therefore they are more environmentally friendly. They may contain an antibacterial lamp, a timer and other useful functions. Ceramic ones are significantly more expensive than conventional fan heaters.
  3. Infrared heaters — are mobile and ceiling, but sometimes they are placed on the walls. These heaters are among the most modern, because their principle of operation is fundamentally different from other heaters. With the help of infrared radiation, they do not heat the air, but objects that fall into the zone of their rays. Depending on the type of spiral, infrared wall-mounted electric heaters are either quartz or carbon. Both types of devices are silent, economical and, importantly, not too expensive. When buying and subsequent installation, please note that the infrared heater should be placed no closer than 2 m from a person’s head. Therefore, such devices are best purchased for large rooms.
  4. Economical wall heaters

  5. Convectors — flat appliances, which are usually placed at the bottom of the wall, under the windows. This determines their effectiveness: according to the laws of physics, the air heated by the convector rises upward, pressing the unheated air to the floor. Thus, without any fan, air currents circulate in the room, and it warms up quickly. Convenient functions of convectors are temperature programming, timer, antifreeze (constant temperature maintenance within 5-7°С). The last function is good if you purchase an economical wall-mounted electric heater convector for a summer residence.


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