Variable Refrigerant Rate (VRF) systems are produced by many HVAC manufacturers, but LG, thanks to the traditional Korean approach, has managed to achieve perfection in this.

LG household air conditioners, distinguished by reliability, high quality and affordable price, have long gained popularity in our country. Their outdoor units with an easily recognizable logo can be seen almost everywhere today. But the external units of LG VRF systems are not so common — and not at all because there are few of them. It’s just that the company’s designers are making every effort not to spoil the appearance of buildings in which VRF systems are installed. We will return to the design of LG equipment later, but first we will talk about its functional features.

LG VRF systems under the general name Multi V are divided into four groups:

  • Plus II,

  • mini,

  • synch,

  • SPACE.

All of them are designed to work with ozone-friendly refrigerant R410A. The inverter drive and optimized scroll profile provide high energy efficiency of the compressor, while the injection and oil carryover reduction system significantly increases its reliability, especially in partial load modes or, conversely, at high speeds. The inverter is used not only in the compressor drive, but also in the fan drive. Which, in combination with an improved heat exchanger and an improved control algorithm, gives a high coefficient of performance (COP) — for example, in heating mode for the PLUS II system it is 4.3. The Gold Fin anti-corrosion coating ensures the durability of the heat exchanger, and the louvre-type fins not only significantly increase the heat transfer efficiency, but also achieve low noise characteristics. The noise level of the outdoor unit in the maximum performance mode is 58 dB, in the «night» mode — no more than 41 dB.

The main advantage of the system PLUS II — the ability to combine modules of different performance. The outdoor units of the Multi V PLUS II system have a capacity of 14 to 45 kW. A combination of four units allows you to get a total capacity of 179 kW and connect up to 64 indoor units. PLUS II is the most powerful of all LG’s VRF systems (power consumption up to 50 kW) — it is suitable even for very large objects. At the same time, thanks to LG technologies, the total length of pipelines can reach 1000 meters, and the maximum height difference between the outdoor and indoor units of 100 meters allows you to install such systems even in high-rise buildings. Say, for a building 200 meters high, two outdoor units will be enough: below and on the roof.

Multi V PLUS II is equipped with a convenient remote control system, thanks to which the dispatcher can choose the operation mode of all indoor units at his discretion. The PLUS II self-diagnosis system monitors the operating parameters and status of all modules and warns of malfunctions in a timely manner. Moreover, the failure of one compressor will not lead to a malfunction: thanks to smart load distribution, Multi V PLUS II will increase the power of other compressors in the system. In the event of a breakdown of any unit, there is no need to evacuate all the refrigerant from the system — you can pump it to other units. This allows you to save on refrigerant and significantly reduce repair time. Facilitated the manufacturer and the process of filling equipment with refrigerant. The system commissioning engineer has the ability to control the amount of refrigerant in the system and charge it without the use of scales, and the automatic diagnostics subsystem will warn him in time about leaks and installation errors.

Outdoor units Multi V MINI not too different from PLUS II units. However, the name of the series speaks for itself: outdoor units of the MINI series take up 52% ​​less space than Multi V PLUS II units, and up to nine indoor units can be connected to them. Thus, the system is intended, first of all, for small offices and cottages.

System Multi V SYNC II, unlike PLUS II, allows indoor units connected to one outdoor unit to work both for cooling and heating. Thanks to the recuperation unit, the heat from the cooled rooms is transferred to where heating is currently needed. When 40% of the indoor units are cooling and 60% of the indoor units are heating, the maximum COP is 5.68. The capacity of the SYNC II system is slightly less than that of the PLUS II, but up to 64 indoor units can also be connected to its SYNC II outdoor units.

Perhaps SYNC II is LG’s most advanced VRF system. It allows parallel and serial connection of heat recovery units, each of which can be connected to up to 4 indoor units. Advanced algorithms for changing operating modes AMC (Advanced Mode Change), working on the current pressure value, allow you to switch from cooling to heating and vice versa in just three minutes. Equipment from other manufacturers will take much longer, approximately 20 minutes.

One of the main advantages of the outdoor unit Multi V SPACE — its design. This series was developed specifically for buildings whose attractive appearance cannot be spoiled by bulky outdoor units. The SPACE series unit is covered with blinds that open when the system is turned on. Small cracks — that’s all that is visible from the outside.

Experienced installers know that with a floor-to-floor air conditioning system, hot air from one outdoor unit entering the suction of the units located above can significantly reduce the efficiency of the cooling system. In addition, due to convective currents, high-mounted units will «suffocate» themselves: a headwind will drive hot air back to the intake. All these moments are taken into account in SPACE series blocks: hot air is thrown out by centrifugal fans to the sides. Of course, this series also has all the advantages of LG Multi V systems: compressor and fan inverter drive, high energy efficiency, low noise level and easy maintenance. Each SPACE outdoor unit is designed to connect up to eight indoor units.

In conjunction with outdoor units of the Multi V system, duct, cassette, wall, ceiling, floor or floor-to-ceiling indoor units can be used. Full information about them is summarized in a table that can be found on the website www.lge.com/ru/multiv — it is simply impossible to tell about everything.

Particularly noteworthy are the indoor units of the ART COOL Gallery and Mirror series: these are several dozen different combinations of cases, front panels and colors. The indoor unit can be made visible and stylish, or, conversely, hidden under the ceiling. In any case, the customer will also receive a Neo Plasma air purification system, a convenient remote control, a pleasant smell from the air conditioner due to the automatic dehumidification system from the heat exchanger, a low-noise fan and a smart air distribution system. Thanks to quick-release elements and the system of automatic movement of the front panel, maintenance of even ceiling units is not difficult. Just press the button and the panel with the filter will drop to the desired level.

If the customer does not attach much importance to the design of the indoor unit, or he prefers the option of hidden installation of equipment, he will be offered one of the floor or floor-to-ceiling units in a frameless design, or a built-in duct unit. Such a block can be hidden under the ceiling or in the finishing elements.

As rich as the choice of indoor units, the range of accessories is just as great. Take, for example, remote controls. In a hotel room, it is better to install a simplified control panel with a blocked function for changing operating modes, in an office it is advisable to install a standard remote control, but in an elite housing, a Deluxe series remote control equipped with a touch LCD will look good. In the case when you need to control the operation of several indoor units, the installation of central controllers will help. Their line is also very diverse: from the simplest, allowing you to control sixteen units, to the complex AC SMART controllers, which are designed to work with complex systems, including up to 128 indoor units.

Despite the huge range of LG equipment, it is very easy to choose the equipment you need — any visitor to the site www.lge.com/ru/multiv can download the installation file of the software package for selecting equipment called LATS Multi V. The program is simple, but has very large capabilities .

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Source: http://www.lge.com/en/multiv/


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