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Which system to choose to ensure a healthy microclimate in the house, ventilation or air conditioning? Can a modern split system replace ventilation, taking into account the fact that it can install a whole series of various filters that trap bacteria and viruses and provide anti-allergenicity?

This question is not indifferent to everyone who cares about the health of family members. But to answer it, you need to understand what are the differences between these two systems.

What’s the Difference?

Air conditioning is a change in temperature and some other parameters of the air already inside the room.

And ventilation is the supply of fresh air from outside, and the intake of already used, exhausted.


During ventilation, the air is completely replaced. Air conditioning, on the other hand, changes some parameters of only the air that is already in the room. It is not replaced, it is only heated, cooled, or passed through a filter. It turns out that the air conditioner, no matter what functionality it possesses, cannot completely replace ventilation, but it can supplement it.

Air conditioning and its functionality

Even if the functionality of a wall-mounted air conditioner includes air inflow (addition in such systems is carried out at the expense of an additional tube), it will clearly not be enough to ensure high-quality air exchange. Here are the numbers:

ventilation systems must provide at least 60 cubic meters. m / hour per person, and air conditioning with built-in ventilation can provide no more than 20 cubic meters / hour. In addition, such devices are quite noisy, creating discomfort.

Ventilation or air conditioning

That is why experts recommend installing both high-quality ventilation and air conditioning together. Then the air that enters from the outside will be supplied to the air conditioner, and stay there, cool, clean, ensuring a comfortable stay in the premises.

What then does the line in the instructions mean that the air conditioner is capable of operating in ventilation mode? This means that its heating and cooling mode can be turned off, and then the device will work like a normal wall fan. But it still does not provide air flow from the outside.

When choosing between air conditioning and ventilation, one should also take into account the fact that plastic windows do not even provide natural ventilation.

If you do not provide adequate ventilation, the air in a room with air conditioning running many times used can lead to poor health.

Relief of breathing during the operation of the air conditioner is a phenomenon that is more apparent than actually taking place. When cooled, the specific gravity of air increases and there are more oxygen molecules in a given volume. In addition, drier air allows oxygen to be absorbed faster. But along with an increase in the number of oxygen molecules in the same volume, the content of harmful impurities also increases. And they also begin to be easily digested.

If the coolness is noticed immediately, then a certain time must still pass before the appearance of chronic diseases due to the increased concentration of harmful substances.

The statement of this fact is not at all a ban on the use of an air conditioner, but only an explanation that it is simply impossible to replace ventilation with it.

Using the air conditioner while sleeping

Air conditioning is useful, it creates a comfortable microclimate and optimal living conditions.

However, it also requires an influx of air from outside the room, which will be provided by the ventilation system.

How to be with the conditioner at night, during a dream? Does it make sense to sleep with the air conditioner on and without ventilation in order to achieve coolness in the room? No, this is the wrong decision. During sleep, the concentration of carbon dioxide will increase, and without the provision of air flow, it will have to be inhaled again and again, and this is not useful. Doctors recommend more often, preferably every two hours, to open windows for ventilation.

Features of the operation of filters

Ventilation or air conditioning

An important factor in air conditioning is the cleaning and replacement of filters. This condition is indicated in the instructions as mandatory, but it is far from always observed. What is happening? Filters are completely clogged with absorbed impurities and dust, and inside the device, due to heat and high humidity, mold fungi begin to multiply intensively, causing serious allergic reactions and respiratory diseases. Filters need to be cleaned regularly, and to prevent the formation of mold, you can use the method recommended by Japanese engineers. It is recommended to regularly turn off the cooling mode, and make the air conditioner run for several hours in fan mode. This allows you to get rid of fungi.


A few tips for all air conditioner owners:

  • do not forget about ventilation, it must work efficiently, the room must be ventilated;
  • the ventilation mode of the air conditioner still does not provide an influx of fresh air, while this mode simply turns off its cooling and heating. But regular use of this mode contributes to the extermination of mold;
  • filter cleaning should be regular and carried out in accordance with the instructions;
  • Sleeping with the air conditioner running in the absence of natural ventilation is not useful.
  • It is enough to follow these rules, and the microclimate will be comfortable and really healthy.

Before installing the air conditioning system, it is recommended to consult with a specialist about which tasks will be the most important for it. Only then it is advisable to choose a model. After its installation, you should carefully study the operating conditions, and strictly observe them, and in case of questions, contact specialists for advice.


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