Vacuum rotary vane pumps are actively used in various fields of industry and scientific research (see, for example, http://vacuumpro.ru/vakuumnyj-nasos/plastinchato-rotornyj). They are designed to create a preliminary vacuum in the vacuum system and fore-vacuum pressure at the outlet of high-vacuum pumps.

How do they work?

The principle of operation is based on the periodic suction and expulsion of gas by changing the volume of the working chamber. Thus, rotary vane vacuum pumps are used for pumping air, chemically inactive gases, vapors and gas mixtures that do not affect the design and working fluid (oil) of the pump.

They are usually made in versions with one or two steps. The two-stage version is used to reduce the ultimate pressure.

Overview of popular models of vacuum rotary vane pumps

Vacuum rotary vane pumps.

Rotary vane vacuum pumps VACUUMMASH of the NVR type (single-stage) are actively used in industry and in the field of scientific development. They are capable of creating a medium vacuum and can be used in combination with other types of pumps. Two-stage vacuum rotary vane pumps are represented by the 2NVR series.

Vacuum pump manufacturer Busch offers several series of single or double stage equipment for medium or deep vacuum applications. For vacuum packaging and similar industrial applications, the R5 series of single-stage pumps has been created. In the chemical industry, the Busch Samos Huckepack two-stage rotary vane pump series is often chosen. The Zebra series is designed to create a deep vacuum.

Edwards branded equipment also includes several series of two-stage oil sealed rotary vane pumps. Edwards EM series are models with different characteristics: from low pumping speed (from 0.7m³/h) to high capacity (275m³/h). Edwards ES series pumps are characterized by increased resistance to water vapor.

Pfeiffer Vacuum rotary vane pumps are also available in several series. The UnoLinePlus series stands out — pumps for high dust and dirt environments, which effectively cope with the negative impact thanks to the internal oil cleaning system. The equipment of this series is water-cooled. The Pascal series can be produced upon request in several versions — chemical resistant, instrumental and conventional.

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