Using a dehumidifier when painting a car is profitable, effective and simple

The correct painting of a car is based on three main parameters: the degree of air pollution, the external temperature and the level of humidity in the room. If ordinary heaters can easily cope with heating the paint shop, and filters can easily cope with dust, then special equipment is needed to combat excess moisture — air dryers. The use of this technique allows you to easily and effectively maintain the desired level of humidity when painting a car, without requiring human intervention.

Of course, low-power household appliances will not work here, they simply cannot cope with such a volume of moisture in the air. For these purposes, only industrial models with high performance and power are suitable. A wide range of industrial-type equipment is presented on the climate equipment market, but we advise you to pay attention to Trotec air dryers.

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This German company began work in 1994 and today is one of the most reliable manufacturers of this climate technology in the world. Trotec products comply with European quality standards (confirmed by DIN, ISO certificates), operate in a wide temperature range, and have low energy consumption. Therefore, the dehumidifiers of this brand effectively keep the humidity during professional painting of cars within the normal range. And what model to choose and what to look for when buying a unit — read on!

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How does high humidity affect the quality of car painting?

Ignoring high humidity in the process of painting a car is highly discouraged. Why?

Because moisture, getting into the gun and mixing with varnish / paint / primer, leads to a number of such negative consequences:

Penetrating into the deep layers of the paint material, it causes a break in the paint layer during its drying.

After contact with the surface, it impairs the adhesion of the paintwork (adhesion), which subsequently leads to its peeling.

Water particles, hitting the surface to be painted, leave traces on it, making the paint layer uneven.

Irregularities on the surface of the paintwork, if they are single, can, of course, be eliminated by grinding and polishing. But peeling and torn coatings require a second procedure. In any case, in rooms with high humidity, painting auto parts takes more time, effort and cost. Under such conditions, a business can become not only unprofitable, but generally unprofitable.

How to avoid the consequences of painting machines in damp workshops — with an air dryer from Trotec (Germany). Read more about this in the next section.

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Which model of dryer from Trotec to use when painting a car?

To create optimal conditions in terms of moisture content in the air during professional car painting, install a Trotec dehumidifier from the TTR series in the workshop. Models from this range are optimally suited for use in paint shops.

After all, all products of this series (Trotec TTR 300 / Trotec TTR 500 D / Trotec TTR 400 / Trotec TTR 400 D / Trotec TTR 200 / Trotec TTR 250 HP) have a number of undeniable advantages:

operate continuously and fully automatically;

show high efficiency even in extreme dampness;

are absolutely safe for human health;

meet the requirements of European standards;

have compact dimensions and light weight;

simple and easy to use;

strong, durable and do not require special care.

Industrial dehumidifiers Trotec TTR, presented in our catalog, are provided with an official manufacturer’s warranty for a period of 24 months. But in practice, they serve 10-15 years, so the purchase of an air dryer for use when painting a car is a bargain in any way.

*** In addition to drying the air at the stage of painting the car, you should take care of high-quality air filtration, which will clean the air from dust and particles of other substances, preventing them from settling on the surface of a freshly painted car.

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