Uponor Clean Air Guarantee

The international company Uponor presents unique air ducts for ventilation systems, which are already available for customers in Russia and the CIS.

The quality of work and the possible period of trouble-free operation of the entire ventilation system as a whole largely depend on how well the installation was carried out.

The device of the ventilation system is a whole complex of complex engineering work, which takes place in several stages. The first stage includes the laying of air ducts, installation of exhaust and supply fans, supply and exhaust units. At the second stage, installation of gratings and diffusers, adjustment and adjustment of the entire automation system is carried out. At the end of the installation process, the system is tested.

At all stages, the specialist may face a number of difficulties. As a rule, when installing a ventilation system, one of the main problems is the incomplete tightness of the joints. In such places, condensation forms and air leaks.

To solve this issue, Uponor proposes to use plastic air ducts made of polypropylene, which prevent the accumulation of any kind of pollution in the system, and fittings for them. The unique technology of connecting air ducts and fittings does not require additional use of a sealing tape, while ensuring 100% tightness.

Connections are made by pushing the air duct onto the fitting until it stops. To facilitate the work, the edge of the components can be moistened with clean water. Connections are made without the use of self-tapping screws or rivets.

Duct cutting can be done with a hand tool, such as a hacksaw, which helps to simplify the system installation process and reduce installation time by 20-30%. The air ducts are attached using conventional ventilation clamps, which are installed next to each fitting.

Uponor Clean Air Guarantee

Thermally insulated air ducts make it possible to cool the supply air more efficiently, since energy is not spent on cooling building structures. In addition, thermally insulated air ducts located above the false ceiling prevent the risk of condensation and installation errors.

The organization of air exchange should not lead to deterioration of the acoustic regime and should protect both from external noise and from the noise generated by the ventilation system. Uponor ducts are acoustically and aerodynamically good enough to eliminate these problems.

For the end user, the Uponor ventilation system will ensure that the room is clean, odour-free and corrosion-free.

In the production of systems, non-toxic polypropylene with antistatic properties is used, which is resistant to any type of pollution, which avoids the accumulation of dust and dirt during operation.

The ventilation system is one of the main factors in the engineering support of buildings, which determines the comfort of the living environment and the health of residents. That is why it should be remembered that the guarantee of long and uninterrupted operation of the ventilation system is its correct installation.

Article provided by Uponor specialists.

Source: Uponor


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